New Steins;Gate Teased by Science Adventure Staff

    At this point you might have thought we were done getting new titles in the Steins;Gate series, but thankfully it looks like that might not be the case! Today in a tweet, the official Twitter account for the Science Adventure franchise gave us a sweet new teaser image.

    The English translation of the tweet reads as follows:

    World line volatility “0.210317%”

    The story is “reproduced”.


    But what does it mean? Well, the closest clue we can come up with is a potential date to look out for. If you transpose the divergence number teased in the image into a date, you come up with 21/03/17, which is the standard format for dates in Japan.

    For us Westerners, this would be March 17th, 2021, which is just under a week away.

    Aside from that, we really have no idea what this could be teasing. Of course we are all hoping for some sort of series announcement, but at the end of the day this could end up being something as novel as a new McDonald’s Happy Meal collaboration. Actually, that would be pretty sweet too now that I think about it…

    Anyway, what do you guys think this is leading up to? Are you expecting a new show or do you think something else is more likely? One of the most popular speculations so far seems to be that this has to do with the previously announced live action adaptation.

    In classic Steins;Gate fashion, only time will tell! We’ll check back in with you guys on the 17th if there are any updates.


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