Fairy Ranmaru’s New Promo Reveals April Debut (VIDEO)

    Strap on those fairy wings and get ready for the imminent release of the new magical boy anime, Fairy Ranmaru! Back in January we covered the initial trailer for this show, and ever since then we’ve been eagerly awaiting it’s release.

    Without further ado, here is the new promo video.

    As you can see, this show looks quite… fabulous to say the least. It will debuting on AT-X in Japan on April 8th. As of now, it is not yet known which Western streaming service, if any, will pick up the rights to Fairy Ranmaru.


    We went over most of the characters and cast in the previous article, but there are a few new ones to cover as of today.

    Tetsuei Sumiya as Sirius Tenrо̄in

    Shiori Mikami as Jо̄-о̄

    Kazutomi Yamamoto as Bakkun

    Junpei Morita as Hо̄jо̄ Amamori

    I don’t know about you guys, but I personally think Bakkun is quite an adorable mascot-type character.

    What else looks good to you guys about this show? I’d say the character designs definitely look to be one of Fairy Ranmaru’s strengths so far.

    Check back often to find out when and where you’ll be able to stream the fantastical, magical boy adventure!

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