Naruto: Ninja Arena Art Contest Hosted by Anime News Network

    In celebration of Naruto: Ninja Arena coming to North America, Anime News Network will be holding an art contest! The prompt of the art contest is to draw the Naruto cast playing any kind of board game you want.

    Each entry will be judged on art and real-life feeling of the boardgaming (are the characters having fun, are they stressed, etc.). Entries must also include the Japanime Games logo somewhere in the artwork, since Japanime Games created the Naruto: Ninja Arena game. The catch, however, is that the logo must be incorporated into the art and cannot be cut and pasted.


    Here are some rules posted on the Anime News Network website:

    • Entries must be received before 7am ET March 8th, 2021;
    • Entries must be JPEG files, 1000×1200 pixels, 1MB max;
    • E-mail your entries to;
    • Please include your real name with your entry, you may also specify a pseudonym to be used on ANN;
    • More than one entry per person is permitted;
    • You may provide a link to a personal art page to be posted with your entry;
    • No other commercial links will be allowed;
    • We will select one Grand Prize Winner, and one Runner Up;
    • One Bonus Round Winner will be selected at random (Grand and runner up prize winners will not be eligible).
    Photo by Studio Pierrot

    Here is what you can win!

    Grand Prize Package

    A collection of board games from Japanime Games worth $250 including:

    • Naruto: Ninja Arena,
    • Cowboy Bebop: Space Serenade,
    • Kamigami Battles: River of Souls,
    • Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden,
    • Tanto Cuore (Of your choice),
    • Love Formula.

    Read more about these games here.

    Runner Up Prize

    A copy of Naruto: Ninja Arena.

    Bonus Round

    To enter the bonus round, upload your artwork to Twitter, Instagram, DeviantArt, or Pixiv with a link to the contest. Include a link to your post when you send your entry email too. Grand Prize Package winner and Runner Up Prize winner are not eligible for the Bonus Round.

    The Bonus Round prize will be a copy of Naruto: Ninja Arena.

    Photo by Studio Pierrot

    Good luck to all that participate!

    Source: Anime News Network


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