Duel Masters King! Theme and Premiere Date

    TV Tokyo recently announced that the new anime in the Duel Masters King series, Duel Masters King!, will premiere on April 4. The anime will air on TV Tokyo at 8:30am.

    The main theme of Duel Masters King! is “time travel.” The same staff from the Duel Masters King will return for Duel Masters King! as well.

    Duel Masters King Opening Theme 2020

    Duel Masters King first aired in April 2020 but stopped due to COVID-19. New episodes continued airing on May 31, 2020.

    Duel Masters King, Photo by Studio Jack

    Duel Masters King! is the fourth installment of the Duel Masters King series. The theme song of this new anime will also be played by DOBERMAN INFINITY, who was behind the theme of Go!Go!Atom.

    Source: Anime News Network


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