Children of the Sea Director Drew over 200 Minutes worth of Storyboards

    Studio 4°C recently opened an art exhibit with Gallery Nucleus, titled “Studio 4°C Retrospective Art Exhibition.” This exhibit displays a variety of concept art, animation keyframes, background concepts, and more for Studio 4°C’s anime.

    The gallery held a virtual panel with the director for Children of the Sea, Watanabe Ayumu. During this panel, Watanabe revealed the lengths he went to make sure the original manga by Igarashi Daisuke was captured properly. Watanabe drew over 200 minutes worth of storyboards for the movie, with the final product only lasting 111 minutes.


    The length and visuals for Children of the Sea were meticulously crafted, meaning that it was very expensive. In fact, the film’s budget was “four times more” than what is normal for an anime film. Knowing this, Watanabe was prepared to have parts of his storyboards cut. He said, “My idea was to put in as much as I could, even knowing that not all of it would make it to the final product.”

    Photo by Studio 4°C

    Children of the Sea producer and Studio 4°C’s founder, Tanaka Eiko said that 111 minutes is already on the lengthier side for anime films. For Japanese filmmakers, they aim to have their films last no more than 120 minutes so that they can be shown six times a day in the theaters.

    Tanaka was very determined to get composer Hisaishi Joe, who has composed the soundtracks for Hayao Miyazaki’s films, to work on Children of the Sea. She said, “I kept sending him offers for three years. We sent him the storyboards as work on them progressed, and he came to be convinced that this was going to become something special.”

    Photo by Studio 4°C

    The Studio 4°C Retrospective Art Exhibition first opened on February 6th and plans to close on February 21. If you’re near Alhambra, California, definitely make the time to stop by the exhibit before it’s too late!

    Have you seen Children of the Sea? What are your thoughts on Watanabe’s 200 minutes of storyboards? Let us know in the comments!

    Source: Anime News Network


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