Wonder Egg Priority First Impressions: A More Traumatic Madoka Magica

    Content Warning: This review mentions suicide and bullying. If there is any possibility that these topics will trigger you please stop reading here.

    A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the latest promo video for the anime Wonder Egg Priority. Shortly after I wrote the article, I got curious about the series and started following it.

    When I sat down to watch this, I was expecting a story about an outcast with heterochromia, who eventually finds friendship, love, and acceptance. However, what I got was an emotional journey that was arguably more intense than when I watched Madoka Magica for the first time.


    I know that this series came out on January 12 and it’s about 3 episodes in, so it would be late for a first impression review. However, I would like to say that Wonder Egg Priority tells its story in a fragmented way, and anyone would need to watch more than the first episode in order to fully grasp the gist of the series.

    However, for the sake of brevity I will discuss episode 1.

    The first episode starts out with our main character Ai Ohto. We see Ai on a late-night walk and she stumbles on a bug that looks dead. She buries the bug, but then, somehow, the bug escapes its grave and leads Ai to the place where she can buy Wonder Eggs.

    The bug with a mysterious voice assures Ai that the egg will give her a friend and … in a way he’s right, but more on that later.


    In the next few scenes, we see Ai roll over in her sleep, but then we notice the egg that she just got roll under her back while she sleeps. Now we have questions: Was the night before really a dream? What is the egg? How is it not broken yet?

    But we don’t have time to answer these questions because it’s the next day, so now we get a look into Ai’s daily life. Through imagery we find out that Ai is essentially isolated from the outside world. She doesn’t go to school, she doesn’t have friends, and honestly she doesn’t go outside at all during the day.

    The only time we see Ai go outside is late that night when she tries to find out more about the Wonder Egg. But, as soon as Ai steps outside, she’s transported to a school. She’s unsure about how she got there and we’re just as confused as she is. Ai even pinches herself to see if she’s dreaming and it turns out that she’s not. Or is she? It’s too early to tell.

    Ai walks down the hall and sees white lilies on someone’s desk, which symbolizes that someone is dead, and she sees people vandalizing someone’s locker with death threats. Ai’s confused and scared and she runs into the bathroom to hide. Again we’re just as confused as she is.

    Then when she’s in the bathroom, we hear the same mysterious voice we heard at the beginning of the episode tell Ai to break the egg.


    Remember when I said that the bug guy was technically right when he told Ai that the egg will give her a friend? Well, Ai breaks the egg, and it hatches to reveal a girl around her age hidden inside it. So technically, the bug was right. Hooray!

    Before the girls could get properly acquainted with each other, we hear a bell, we see the egg girl get her arm slashed by a throwing axe, and then we see a swarm of little, knife-wielding creatures that genuinely haunt my nightmares.

    The creatures chase the girls into a classroom and they finally have a chance to get acquainted. Ai finds out that the dreamscape she’s in is the reality for egg girl. Then the two girls have a cute moment that makes you swear they could’ve been friends in another time and place. All is well until the creatures find the girls again. Egg girl takes off running and Ai stays behind.

    Ai wanders the halls until she sees a door that leads to the rooftop of the school. Then, we see a glimpse of a statue of a girl and then boom! A scene change!

    Ai isn’t in the school anymore, well she is, but she’s in her school. We see Ai walk through the halls in a daze and then we see her look on the ground outside. On the ground, we see a girl’s dead body. We put two and two together and ask more questions: Who is she? Why is she important to Ai? Why choose now to have a flashback? What happened to egg girl?

    Again, we don’t have time to answer all these questions because the flashback continues. We see the dead girl, completely alive now, and learn that she was Ai’s first and only friend. We learn that Ai feels guilty about her friend’s suicide and feels responsible somehow. It’s unclear whether Ai bullied her friend or actively participated in the events that lead up to her death, but that’s one of the mysteries that make you want to continue watching.

    At this point, I’m going to stop recapping the episode and explain why I called Wonder Egg Priority a more traumatic Madoka Magica. You see, after the flashback, we understand that the statue is Ai’s friend and Ai’s goal is to get her back to life. But in order to do that, Ai has to help the girls that live in the Wonder Eggs.

    You see, the eggs are girls that committed suicide for one reason or another and Ai has to help them, quite literally, fight their demons in this afterlife so that they can get some peace and live another day.

    This mechanic is very similar to the magical girl system in Madoka Magica where we essentially see young girls with magical powers fighting on behalf of others. The girls in Wonder Egg Priority fight monsters and demons that represent the situations that created the Wonder Egg and the girls in Madoka Magica fight witches in order to help the world in a sense.

    Interestingly, we learn at the end of this episode that the girls that live in the Wonder Eggs have their own statues up somewhere, and are waiting for someone that cares enough about them to set them free. In Madoka Magica, witches are corrupted magical girls, so when they die, there’s no chance to respawn. (Spoiler alert btw)


    Also, I called Wonder Egg Priority a more traumatic Madoka Magica because of the way it was advertised. The promo videos had all the makings for a cute, slice of life, shoujo series. The posters were cute wholesome pictures of our main cast. I, again, went into this expecting a cute shojo (possibly shojo ai) anime about love, friendship, and acceptance. The fact that this anime throws the viewer in the deep end and destroys your heart and brain immediately is a bit jarring. At least Madoka Magica gave us three episodes to establish a false sense of security before ripping our hearts out.

    That being said, this episode did a really good job of setting up the world and setting up the stakes for Ai. The art is absolutely breathtaking and the music is so calming. They both compliment each other to create an idyllic, serene setting that offsets the darker subjects that this series discusses.

    The way that the anime switches from reality to dreamworld and even manages to blur the line between the two takes some getting used to. But considering that this story is so complex, and is told in a fragmented way, that the abrupt scene changes and the universe blending just…fits.

    I am most definitely going to continue following the series. I’m too invested in the story at this point and I need to know more. As the series continues we get more glimpses into Ai’s past and learn more about why her friend committed suicide. We also see Ai make friends with other girls who are buying Wonder Eggs for their own reasons. This anime is an emotional roller coaster and I cant get off.

    What about you guys? Are you following Wonder Egg Priority? Will you give it a watch? Did you stop paying attention because this article is so long? Are you wondering who Egg girl is? Let me know in the comments!


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