The Original Mobile Suit Gundam Comes to Crunchyroll

    Finally some Gundam news. We are getting the OG Gundam on Crunchyroll as of January 25th. So today. Or maybe yesterday. Dates and times are confusing to me. 

    There is no possible way you have not heard of Gundam. Someone is going to say they don’t know what it is and they are lying. Everyone knows what Gundam is. However, I still need to explain what exactly it is. If only for the sake of consistency in my writing.

    Gundam is a mecha anime. I would go as far to call it the mecha anime. The show is big, and I mean that in a few different ways. The main way of course is just in terms of content. There have been something like forty five different movies and tv shows. Oh and each one of those tv shows averages about fifty episodes. 


    That’s only the anime though, In addition to that you have light novels, manga, video games, models, and a bunch of other stuff. Just to give you an idea of the weight this franchise holds, Gundam makes up approximately 90% of the entire Japanese plastic model market. It literally dominates an entire market concept. We are talking about an average yearly revenue of 80 Billion yen. 

    I realize I have yet to go into plot, but honestly, it doesn’t matter much. Why is that the case? Well, because there have been so many spin offs it’s impossible to keep up with it all. Sure I can summarize the plot of the original, but anything past that and I’m lost. Although I suppose that’s all I need to do.

    Well, in the far flung future, people have decided that the best way to have mass space flight is in the form of giant robots. Take a guess what the robots are called. No, it is not Gundams. They are called mobile suits. And with that we have arrived at my first issue with Gundam. It is not a misleading title, actually I think the title does a good job and tells you exactly what you need. My issue is what the rest of the series would do to that good title.

    You see in the original, Gundam referred to a single mobile suit, the RX-78 Gundam. It was the Gundam. The one and only. Thus the title. At this point in time though, the title of Gundam seems to just be a title of a show. That’s it. Maybe I’ve just been watching the wrong episodes where there isn’t a single mention of the Gundam or all the robots are Gundams.


    Also if anyone uses this to try and prove I like Gundam I will be upset. It’s not a bad show, it’s just not my thing. I’ve found the only mecha show I like is Evangelion, and even then it’s not really a mecha show. It’s more a show about depression and the futility of escapism. Whatever, we are off topic.

    My point to all this is that I miss the old Gundam. I mean uh- Ignore that. Gundam sucks. Yeah… Okay fine I like Gundam or at least I don’t think it is bad. The show has been highly influential. It’s an important show. Hell it kind of started the whole mecha genre. And I feel like fact alone makes this show worthy of respect. So why not join me in showing it the respect it deserves by watching it on Crunchyroll. 

    It won’t be available everywhere, but it is available in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (wherever that is). If you don’t live in that rather small collection of locations get a VPN or something I don’t know. Gundam

    Source: Crunchyroll


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