Beyblade Anime Premieres on Disney XD in the U.S.

    Beyblade fans rise for the all new Beyblade anime, Beyblade Burst Surge! ADK Emotions NY announced last Friday that this anime will premiere on Disney XD on February 20.

    Beyblade Burst Surge is a new project for the Beyblade Burst series, which was first announced back in December 2020 in the CoroCoro Comics magazine.


    This new anime will air on February 20 on Disney XD at 8AM EST. New episodes will air Saturdays at 8:30AM EST. Reruns are scheduled to air Sundays at 8:30AM EST and on weekdays at 3:00PM EST.

    Beyblade Burst Surge follows brothers Hikaru and Hyūga Asahi who participate in battles with the “Legendary Bladers” from previous Beyblade Burst anime.

    Here’s the cast list according to AnimeNewsNetwork:

    • Natsumi Fujiwara as Hyuga Asahi
    • Haruka Tomatsu as Hikaru Asahi
    • Marina Inoue as Valt Aoi
    • Tomoko Ikeda as Aiga Akaba
    • Megumi Han as Drum Koryu
    • Junya Enoki as Shu Kurenai
    • Fumihiro Okabayashi as Rantaro Kiyama
    • Romi Park as Rui Shirasakijo
    • Takuma Terashima as Sisco Carlisle
    • Ryoko Shiraishi as Free De La Hoya

    At the moment, Beyblade Burst Rise is an ongoing series in Japan. It first premiered on April 5, 2020 and is available to watch on the CoroCoro Comics YouTube channel and Takara Tomy Channel streaming service.

    Photo by AnimeNewsNetwork

    There’s been a variety of anime within the Beyblade Burst series. The first premiered in Japan in April 2016 followed by Beyblade Burst God in April 2017. A third series aired in April 2018 and was titled Beyblade Burst Chozetsu.

    Photo by CoroCoro

    The Beyblade Burst series was made widely available for overseas audiences. In Canada, the series aired on Canada’s Teletoon Channel in 2016 and then had a quick two-week premiere on Disney XD in December 2016.

    Source: AnimeNewsNetwork


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