New Duel Masters King! Anime Premieres This Spring

    The official YouTube channel for Coro Coro Comics revealed that the Duel Masters King anime series will get a new series titled Duel Masters King! (yes, the exclamation point makes it new and it counts).

    Sadly, the video announcement is region-locked to Japan, something that having a VPN could help you work around.

    Duel Masters King is a sequel of the original Duel Masters anime that premiered in April 2017, continued with a new series in April 2018, and then continued on again with the Duel Masters!! (with two exclamation points this time) anime that premiered in April 2019.


    Are you confused yet? Because I am.

    The protagonist of Duel Masters King is Joe Kirifuda, the son of the Duel Masters protagonist Katta Kirifuda. Yumiko Kobayashi will return to the franchise to play Joe Kirifuda, and Setsuji Satoh plays Decky.

    Hiroshi Ishiodori, who worked on the original Duel Masters anime, is directing the anime at Brains Base and Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment. Yoichi Kato is returning from the previous two anime in the Duel Masters franchise to oversee the series scripts, and Yasuyuki Noda is designing the characters. Jun’ichi Igarashi is composing the music.

    Duel Masters King! Is set to premiere this Spring. The video announcement says that the story of Duel Masters King will enter the “next stage” with the new series. Hopefully we’ll get to see what an extra exclamation mark can do to a series.

    Source: Coro Coro Comics’ YouTube channel, Anime News Network Encyclopedia


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