Vtuber Agency Hololive Opens Recruitment

    Boy, those Vtubers huh? They’re becoming quite a big thing. I’d make some joke about not knowing about them, but who in the anime community genuinely hasn’t seen one before at this point? They are everywhere. I can’t log into YouTube without having some Vtuber meme compilation recommended to me.

    So naturally we need to capitalize on that. Or rather, Hololive, the people who somewhat control the whole medium, are going to capitalize on it even more.

    I know they don’t technically control all of it, but chances are if you’ve seen any Vtubers they are probably working with/for Hololive. Think of it how idols sign up with an agency. It’s something like that. I think. Truth be told I don’t know much about the professional landscape of Vtubing. I’ve been too busy with school work and Persona 5.

    The CEO of Hololive, Motoaki “Yagoo” Tanigo, announced that the company is recruiting. And before you get excited about being a Vtuber yourself, they are not hiring in that regard. Instead they are hiring staff for the creation of an online service.


    What that entails is mostly technical staff: 3DCG modelers, technical artists, game engineers, that sort of thing. Hell there will probably be some rigging opportunities, which means I should mention this to some of my animation contacts who specialize in that. 

    Like I mentioned above, the purpose of this recruitment is the creation of an online service thing. As this is still an early project we don’t know too much, but I’ll tell you what we do. The idea is to create a “metaverse” that- Hold on. Why does the term metaverse sound so familiar?


    Oh right. It’s the thing in Persona 5. Goddamnit. I just beat that game and have been trying to avoid thinking about it. Yet here we are. I cannot escape. Maybe it’s because it’s on my mind that I notice little references to it. Hmm.

    Unlike Persona 5 though, this won’t be a prison for humanity. At least theoretically. Actually, hold on a second. Let’s go over the details. The plan is to create a virtual world of sorts where Hololive performers will appear in live events or online games. 

    A false reality huh. I know some people who prefer escapism to facing the world. Some of those people are pretty big fans of this whole Vtuber thing. I can see them getting over invested in this. But it’s their life. I won’t impose on someone because of my own opinions.

    Admittedly, this isn’t some dystopian plot to enslave the hearts of humanity to some false god living in the depths of Tartarus. Actually, the project seems quite pleasant, especially the goal of alleviating communication issues between fans of different communities and countries. I like that. Anything that is about bringing people together I can get behind. So long as that getting together doesn’t involve the merging of our species into a giant ocean of tang.

    For any specifics on recruitment, please look at Hololive’s Wantedly. 

    Source: Motoaki Tanigo’s Note via Otakomu


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