Touch’s Infamous Love Triangle Sells McDonald’s Burgers

    Before I start, I would like to assure you guys that this is real. This is a real thing that happened in Japan in 2021. I couldn’t make this up even if I wanted to.

    So, for context, there’s a manga by Mitsuru Adachi named Touch. The manga came out in 1981 and ran until 1986. Touch essentially follows the story of twin brothers named Tatsuya and Kazuya, who fall in love with their childhood friend, Minami Asakura.  Minami, being the heroine of this story, is torn between the two brothers and thus we have a classic love triangle

    *chefs kiss gif* We love to see it.

    So, what McDonald’s Japan decided to do is make an ad where Minami must make a choice between two McDonald’s burgers: The Chicken Tatsuta or the Setouchi Lemon Tartare Chicken Tatsuta. The ad features images of the characters from Touch and the opening theme song from the anime plays in the background.

    Interestingly enough, the “Touch” part of the lyrics is replaced with “Tatsuta.” Again, we love to see it.


    The ad campaign celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Chicken Tatsuta burger. Additionally, Touch is also celebrating its 40th anniversary this year (How fun! :3). The theme of the ad is “Indecision is a part of youth,” and by revitalizing this truly iconic love triangle McDonalds Japan really did something positive.

    Now in the midst of all these anime reviews and all this news, this ad campaign probably isn’t important. But, its important to me that you know that this is a thing so we can share this experience.

    Source: Comic Natalie


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