Cells at Work! Franchise Gets New Game

    The “Joint Cells at Work! Station” program announced on Sunday that there will be a new game in the Cells at Work! franchise. This announcement is still brand new so the staff will announce more details as time goes on.

    Fun fact, this isn’t the first time that the Cells at Work! franchise inspired a video game. The franchise used to have a game app for Apple and Android phones in 2019. The game was called Always Cells at Work, but it’s no longer in the app store. The service to the game was canceled last January.

    NetEase Games, the Chinese developer that is responsible for games like Knives Out, will be producing the new Cells at Work! game.


    If you haven’t at least heard of Cells at Work, it’s likely that you didn’t watch anime at all in 2018.

    Nevertheless, Cells at Work! is an anime based on the manga by Akane Shimizu. The series revolves around the daily life of the cells of the human body. Everything in our bodies from blood cells to viruses is personified. As a result, the series gives us an in-depth, and extremely entertaining, look into how our bodies work.

    The Cells at Work manga came out in 2015 and there are currently six compiled book volumes in circulation. Sadly the manga will end on January 26,202.

    Cells at Work also inspired a spinoff manga called Cells at Work! Code Black. Shigemitsu Harada and Issei Hatsuyoshiya launched the manga in June 2018 and there are 7 book volumes in circulation. The manga will end on January 21, 2021.


    Yet, Cells at Work! Code Black will live on because it got an anime that premiered on January 9. Cells at Work! Code Black has a separate cast and crew from the original anime, but it looks pretty good.

    Here’s another fun fact: the voice cast members of, Cells at Work! and Cells at Work! Code Black, will appear at a joint event called, “Issho ni Hataraku Saiten,” at Tokyo’s Olympus Hall Hachiōji on May 23.

    Are you just as excited as I am to see the Cells at Work! franchise expand? Have you started watching Cells at Work! Code Black yet? Are you just as curious as I am about the new game! We’ll be sure to continue coverage but I’m curious to hear what you guys think.

    Source: Animate Times


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