Wonder Egg Priority Anime Posts Promo Video

    The official website for the anime Wonder Egg Priority released a promotional video for the anime just before its premiere date on January 12.  

    Kind of a weird move but okay.

    The story for Wonder Egg Priority revolves around a fourteen-year-old girl named Ai Ohito who hears a mysterious voice while she’s out late at night. The voice guides Ai to an egg that says that it has what she wants inside. The voice says to her: “If you wish to change the future, you need only choose now. Now, believe in yourself, and smash the egg.”

    Eerie, right? Kind of weird but oddly compelling?


    Shinji Nojima is writing the script for this anime. If you haven’t heard of Nojima, he is a scriptwriter who is known for his work in live-action series like KōKō Kyōshi, Ie Naki Ko, and Takane no Hana. Wonder Egg Priority is the first anime that Nojima has ever written a script for and honestly, I’m excited for him.

    As for the rest of the crew, Shin Wakabayashi is directing the anime at CloverWorks. Saki Takahashi is designing the characters and will also be the chief animation director. Additionally, Hiroyuki Ueno and Nobuhiro Nakayama are the planning producers for the anime.

    “Wonder Egg Priority” teaser visual. Courtesy of Comic Natalie

    The cast list for Wonder Egg Priority includes Kanata Aikawa as Ai Ohito, Tomori Kusunoki as Neiru Aonuma, Shuka Saitō as Rika Kawai, and Hinaki Yano as Momoe Sawaki. The voice actresses from the cast have also teamed up to perform the anime’s main theme song “Life is Cider.”

    From left to right: Neiru Aonuma, Rika Kawai, Momoe Sawaki, Ai Ohito

    The first release date for Wonder Egg Priority is tomorrow January 12, and it will premiere on NTV and Sapporo TV. Wonder Egg Priority will premiere in Japan throughout the month on various television stations. Funimation is streaming the anime as well.

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