Hideaki Sorachi Unveils All His Demon Slayer Art

    Last month, we got to see a teaser of three Demon Slayer characters that Hideaki Sorachi drew. Now Sorachi released a mini-poster where we can see all of the Demon Slayer characters that we have come to know and love.

    The poster with all the Demon Slayer characters is actually double-sided with the Gintama trio on one side and all nine pillars from Demon Slayer surrounding Tanjiro on the other side.


    The text on the Demon Slayer side reads “The final battle of the Hashira! Though most of them aren’t even involved.” Why does it say this? Because Sorachi is an amazing human!

    Courtesy of Comic Natalie

    The poster will be released on January 29th as a bonus gift to people who see the movie “Gintama THE FINAL” during its fourth week in theaters.

    People that see the movie during its first week are receiving one of 10 randomly distributed cards that feature each of the characters Sorachi drew along with written messages from 31 cast and staff members, including the director, will also be included in the audience gifts. People that see the movie during its second and third week of screening will also be getting randomly distributed cards and written messages too

    Gintama THE FINAL came out last Friday in Japan. The movie is based on the manga’s finale and will add some more details for story purposes. Thanks for warning us.

    Additionally, there’s a new anime special titled Gintama: The Semi-Final coming out on January 15. The special is supposed to function as a two-episode prequel to the film. Sadly, the anime will premiere exclusively in Japan.

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