Saiyuki Manga’s ‘Even a Worm’ Arc Gets Anime Adaptation

    Frontier Works posted a promotional video to announce that the “Even a Worm” arc from the Saiyuki Reload manga by Kazuya Minekura is getting an anime adaptation.

    The new anime will be titled Saiyuki Reload -ZEROIN– and the promotional video is available on the Frontier Works YouTube channel. It’s also available below because why not?

    LIDEN FILMS is working on the new anime and Minekura drew a teaser visual for it as well. The teaser is posted below and hopefully you will agree that it looks cool.

    Teaser Image from Kazuya Minekura

    If you’re like me and you’ve never heard of this series before today, here’s some basic info.


    The Saiyuki manga series is loosely inspired by the Chinese novel Journey to the West. To be honest I haven’t heard of Journey to the West either, but it sounds cool. Interestingly, the Saiyuki manga series have inspired manga spinoffs like Saiyuki Gaiden and Saiyuki Ibun.  Additionally, the Saiyuki manga series, spinoffs, and sequels  inspired four television anime series (this one inlculded), an anime film, three OVA’s, and several stage musical productions.

    If this wasn’t mind-blowing enough, the Saiyuki manga franchise currently has 25 million copies in circulation around the world.

    Courtesy of Frontier Works YouTube channel

    Additionally, the four cast members that worked on the previous Saiyuki anime (Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload, Saiyuki Gunlock, and Saiyuki Reload Blast) are reprising their roles for this arc too. Houchu Ohtsuka is joining the main cast as well.

    As for the cast themselves, Toshihiko Seki is playing Genjo Sanzo, Sōichiro Hoshi is playing Son Goku, Hiroaki Hirata is playing Sha Gojyo and Akira Ishida is playing Cho Hakkai.

    Courtesy of Frontier Works YouTube channel

    All in all, I can’t say much about this series getting an anime. The announcement just came out today and I don’t know enough about the franchise to comment. But that’s just me, if you’ve been following the Saiyuki franchise I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

    Are you excited to see this arc? Do you think that it’s going to follow the manga? Do you care? Let me know!

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