MegaCon Orlando 2021 Pushed Back to August

    MegaCon Orlando announced on January 6th that the long-awaited convention will be postponed until August 12th. As for the reason why? COVID, of course. What other reason would there be?

    Courtesy of Chad Fabrikant from the Orlando Weekly

    This announcement comes after MegaCon Orlando canceled their 2020 event and rescheduled it for March 2021. The staff said that the decision to postpone the event until August was made to ” deliver the safest, best possible fan experience,” to convention goers like us.


    The announcement also said that the MegaCon Orlando staff were optimistic about the March 2021 convention dates, but secured the August dates as a backup plan.

    “Although we’d hoped to see you sooner, our spidey sense helped us decide to go with Plan B,” the announcement said. “Thanks for sticking with us, you’re truly awesome and we can’t wait to see you this summer.”

    Courtesy of the MegaCon Orlando Instagram

    According to the announcement, if you already bought tickets for the March event then your admissions and add-on’s will automatically roll over into the August event. If you can’t make it to the convention in August, that’s okay because you’re eligible to get a refund up until July 29.

    If you already booked living arrangements, the MegaCon staff suggests getting in touch with the hotel that you booked your reservation.

    The celebrity guests for MegaCon Orlando 2021 haven’t been announced yet, but there is plenty of information about the potential pannels, cosplay meetups, and all the other fun stuff that make conventions amazing.

    Sources: The Orlando Sentinel, MegaCon Orlando official website


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