Black Clover and TREASURE Trend Globally Thanks to Ending Theme Collaboration

    The massive worlds of anime and K-pop have been collaborating with much success! Black Clover‘s ongoing anime series is no stranger to recruiting various Japanese bands for its opening and closing themes. However, for this current season, the anime’s publisher TV Tokyo decided to reach across the pond to South Korea’s famed K-pop boy band TREASURE. The result: an emotional ending theme appropriately-named “BEAUTIFUL.” Take a look:

    “BEAUTIFUL” arrives in the anime scene as Black Clover‘s thirteenth ending — a testament to the anime’s already long-running success. With the first episode having premiered on October 3, 2017, Black Clover has so far encompassed a whopping 158 episodes and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. The anime won a spot on Crunchyroll’s “Top 100 best anime of the 2010s” and has reached the Top 10 rankings in many of Crunchyroll’s 2020 per-country viewership lists. In fact, it made the number-one spot in the US, Australia, and Germany over this summer.


    On the other side of the “BEAUTIFUL” collaboration, Treasure (stylized as TREASURE) only just debuted but has already attained plenty of popularity. While some of the band’s twelve members have made music before, Treasure as a whole unit debuted in 2020 with the single “Boy.” The song immediately garnered 170,000 preorders and the accompanying music video reportedly passed 10 million views on Youtube in the span of a day. Notably, Treasure’s release became very popular in Japan and managed to top Rakuten Music, a Japanese music streaming platform.

    Treasure band poster / Image courtesy of AllKpop

    Perhaps Treasure’s popularity with Japanese consumers led to their work with Black Clover. Whether or not this is the case, fans of the anime and of the band swept Twitter with earnest praise of “BEAUTIFUL.” In a moment of peace between anime profile pictures and handsome Asian men profile pictures, stans from both sides bonded over the lyrics and expressed happiness at the song’s trending status.

    Fans pooled their affection into the hashtag #BlackClover_with_TREASURE, which also has support from Black Clover‘s official PR Twitter account. In fact, the account lauded the hashtag’s trending status in its own post:

    People also tweeted about the collaboration’s unifying effect on the two often-disparate geek communities, with some saying that they now stan both anime and k-pop.

    Overall, “BEAUTIFUL” successfully brought good publicity to both the anime and the band. Given the amount of positive chatter surrounding this, the song has likely managed to open up fans to the “other side;” now, they’ll be more willing to try out Treasure/Black Clover. This spirit of cooperation stands in stark contrast to all the tension and stressors of late — and serves as a wonderful escape. It reminds us how much people still enjoy artistry, whether in the form of soothing music or smooth animation.

    What do you think of Japanese anime and K-pop collaborations? Are there more that we should know about? Comment below!

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