Sore Demo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru To Get Anime Adaptation in 2022

    Sore Demo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru has a stupidly long title. Luckily the english translation, Even So, Ayumu Approaches, is a bit better. Not too much better though. Long names aside, The manga is getting an anime adaptation soon. Well, I suppose it depends on your definition of soon. Is 2022 soon? I don’t feel like it is.

    Now, because the release date is in 2022, there is no specific date provided. Which is probably for the best. It’s best to not make predictions for that far out. Still though, calling a 2022 release date right at the start of 2021? It feels like a bizarre move to me.

    I’ve lingered too much on news. Let’s talk story. Even So, Ayumu Approaches, is a romantic comedy about shogi. Actually it’s about shogi players. Although, a romantic comedy about the actual, uh, whatever the pieces in shogi are called? That could sell. I feel like that is already an anime. Like a chess anime where it’s about the black queen who falls in love with a white pawn or something. Very Romeo and Juliet. Oh and I realize shogi and chess are not the same, but I know nothing about shogi.


    As much as I want to talk more about my hypothetical chess piece romance show (I actually do want to talk more about it) I should probably move on to more information about the show. Or I would if we knew anything about it. We have no cast information, no crew information, hell we don’t even have a studio name. The promotional video (see below) was uploaded by the Weekly Shonen Magazine youtube channel. So that’s a dead end.

    I want to speculate on the show, but I don’t even know what I would be speculating about. There is so little information. Literally all we have been told is that there will be an anime based on the manga. That’s nothing. Although I suppose we can go into what we know about the writer, Soichiro Yamamoto.

    Even So, Ayumu Approaches, is not Soichiro’s first manga. It’s not even his first manga to get adapted into an anime. That award goes to Teasing Master Takagi-san. Please, and I cannot stress this enough, please, do not confuse it with Don’t Bully Me Nagatoro. That is a bad mistake to make. By the way, totally not shitting on Nagatoro, it’s very cute. Not the same thing though.

    Why does she have black hair here? Is this a different character? I mean it probably is seeing how the design is completely different. I’m just a moron.

    In any case, Teasing Master Takagi-san, was adapted into an anime back in January 2018. The animation was handled by Shin-Ei Animation, a studio I have not heard of despite the fact they did Doraemon and Powerpuff Girls. At least according to their Wikipedia article they worked on Powerpuff Girls. I can find no evidence to back that. Maybe they just did in between frames. Maybe I shouldn’t use Wikipedia as an academic source.


    Whatever, the only reason I bring them up is because I feel like they are probably going to do Even So, Ayumu Approaches as well. That’s just a hunch though, so don’t take my word for it. Well, it’s less of a hunch, more of me blindly throwing a dart in a room with the lights out, and hoping it will hit the bullseye of the target three blocks down. And despite what I will try to argue, that was not an extended metaphor. That’s just bad writing.

    The art is nothing to write home about, seems pretty standard. Not bad, but not stand out amazing.

    Do I even want to summarize? What is there to summarize? “Oh an anime is coming out 2022”. That’s a shitty summary. Wait what day is it? Wait, it’s January 7th? That means that the first episode of Otherside Picnic is out! Hell yeah. This article is over. I am going to go watch that.

    Sources: Shonen Magazine’s YouTube channel, Sōichirō Yamamoto’s Twitter account via Otakomu


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