Katana Maidens Gets Stage Reading.

    More stageplay news. Well, actually this one is a bit different from a stage play. It’s actually a stage reading of Katana Maidens, which I believe is like a stage play but more boring. But that’s my opinion, and we will talk more about it in a second.

    Katana Maidens is once again a show I know nothing about, so let’s look into it together. What do we have here for plot? Well, we have shrine maidens who have swords, which I assume are katanas and are used to exorcise demons. Okay, not bad so far. Oh, and they all wear school uniforms for some reason. I think it’s lost to me.

    They do all of this while leading normal average school lives. So I guess it’s like schoolgirl Persona? I mean I guess that’s normal Persona. Although, in Persona 3 you could choose if you wanted a boy or girl protagonist. I’m getting sidetracked. I’ve been playing a lot of Persona recently and just have it on the brain. Oh hey there’s a tournament arc. My favorite.


    Let’s talk about stage readings. You know how the entire definition of anime comes from the fact that it is animated? That’s cool right? It really sucks that stage plays can’t exactly capture the viceral-ity of it all. So what if we just like, didn’t try? There’s a stage reading.

    Maybe I’m being too harsh. It’s just that watching a bunch of people sit up on stage reading their lines does not sound like a good time. Live podcasts and sh*t get away with it thanks to audience participation. And plays are, you know, plays. The entertainment comes from the acting and the play side of things. Yes, voices and stuff come into it but like, if I went to watch a play and the actors just sat on stage reading their lines, I’d be a bit bored.

    Perhaps I have rushed the gun. Looking more into things, the stage reading will have illustrations done by the anime’s character designer, Yoshinori Shizuma. So there will be a visual aspect. In addition, from what I can tell, a stage reading is not done for the entertainment of the audience, but rather to gauge the flow and efficiency of the writing, with the assistance of audience feedback.  So it’s not supposed to be some big production. I think I’m starting to get it.

    The stage reading itself will be a new story that serves as a sequel to the original, which may be big news if you are a fan of the show. Although for some reason I have a gut feeling that those who like the original did not make it this far into the article. If you did though, I am proud of you. Stand up to my bullsh*t. Tell me why this show is worth watching. I won’t be too big of a dick to you I promise.

    Summary: Stage plays are something I started out not liking but have since come around to now that I actually know what they are. It’s almost as if jumping to conclusions is a bad thing. Anyway, the stage reading is this summer. No exact date yet but expect to hear more soon.

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