I Want to Climb Inside Gengar’s Mouth and Now I Can

    So uh, you guys like Pokémon vore? Was that a bad start? Let me try this again. You ever want to just wrap yourself in a giant tongue and stick your head in someone’s mouth? Well do I have the product for you! Oh wait, just kidding, it sold out in just over an hour.

    Introducing the greatest Pokémon product to ever be created. It’s a Gengar plushie with a tongue that unfurls into a blanket. Either we have ascended or descended as humanity. I can’t tell which. Check out these photos.

    And yes, you are seeing that correctly, the mouth has a very nice cavity you can place your head in. I swear, Nintendo is on some next level sh*t.

    Anyway, it’s being made by Premium Bandai, a subdivision of a subdivision of Bandai Namco. I have to wonder, was the person who made this really into vore? I’m getting a real big vore vibe. 


    You know what the worst part of this is? The realization that I have been indoctrinated into the Pokémon mindset. Like I was looking at this damn thing and my first thought was “Oh wouldn’t Lickitung have been a better candidate for massive tongue and swallowing?” It was at that point I realized they got me. I have become invested enough in this damn franchise that I can recognize a Pokémon and call out what I think would make a better replacement for what amounts to a bizarre vore pillow.

    Actually, I take that back. The worst part of this is the blanket is only 170cm. It will never be enough to cover me. Even with my head shoved comfortably in Gengars warm mouth crevice, my feet will remain untouched by his tongue’s loving caress. That’s if I was even able to get one as they are all sold out. I do wonder if they will make a Lickitung version in the future.

    For those of you who want a price on this, it was about 25,950 yen, or about 250 USD. Other pertinent information is the fact it was only one per customer, so resale is probably going to be limited, and that it ships some time in June. 

    Props to Premium Bandai by the way. Not only did they make this, but they also made the Metapod onesie/cushion/cocoon. Which I love. Like you climb inside this cocoon, zip it up, and presto, instant escapism. Also the product came with an official apology from Premium Bandai stating that the Metapod suit cant use harden. These guys know how to do PR.

    I adore the fact this made it to trending on Twitter. Usually I don’t give two sh*ts about Twitter, but you did a good today man. Also, uh, doing a little digging leads me to some horrific realizations. Like the fact Gengar was human once. Oh and if you crawl inside Gengar’s mouth you will literally be transported to the shadow realm. Maybe I’ll do an article on the implications of sleeping in Gengar’s mouth. That may be fun. 

    Source: Premium Bandai


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