Attack on Titan The Final Season will have 16 Episodes: What does this mean?

    Around the time Attack on Titan The Final Season begun airing, it was revealed that the anime will only have 16 episodes. There are four currently out now, with the most recent episode ending on the moment prior to Eren’s attack on Marley. However, is 12 more episodes enough to cover the rest of the manga?

    The manga, which is still releasing new chapters, is currently on Chapter 135. The attack on Marley occurs around the Chapter 85 area, meaning that there will be over 50 chapters left to cover in 12 episodes. Manga readers know that these 12 episodes won’t be enough to cover everything because alot happens.

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    How will MAPPA provide a conclusive episode for the series? Here’s a couple of possibilities:


    1. Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2

    It’s possible that MAPPA will take the same route as Wit Studio with season 3. Season 3 was separated into two parts. The first was titled Attack on Titan Season 3 whereas the second part was titled Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2. The omission of “Part 1” from Attack on Titan Season 3 could be the same case for Attack on Titan The Final Season.

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    This hypothesis makes more sense compared to the other hypotheses since Netflix Japan has listed the anime as Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 1. This suggests that there will in fact be a Part 2 covering the rest of the manga. However, there is also the possibility that either 1) Netflix Japan miswrote the title or 2) Netflix Japan will break up the parts into 8 episodes each.

    2. Longer Episodes

    Reddit threads have hypothesized that each episode will be longer than the typical 24 minutes. Some people have guessed each episode will be 28 minutes or even up to 45 minutes.

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    If each episode is 45 minutes long, that would be enough time to cover all of the content. However, this isn’t likely primarily because MAPPA is working on other anime at the same time, such as Jujutsu Kaisen. They likely wouldn’t have enough manpower to pump out 45-minute episodes each week.


    3. A Movie

    Fans have also hypothesized that the anime will end somewhere around Chapter 110 and leave the rest of the content for a movie. A movie means that there will be a higher budget and better production compared to an anime season. Additionally, we won’t have to wait an entire week to get new content. However, fans are adamant about believing this hypothesis because if it’s a movie then it will be a while before we get more Attack on Titan content.

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    What are your thoughts on Attack on Titan The Final Season only having 16 episodes? Do you think this will be the end? Or will there be more for us to watch?


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