Zombie Land Saga Revenge Promo Video and Release Info

    You know, any time I think of anime and zombies all I can think of is that one show where the girl dodges a bullet using some unknown application of tit physics. Personally I didn’t know that breasts were opposable and able to be moved independently of each other, but what do I know? I grew up sheltered with no knowledge of “female anatomy”, unlike the animators of that lovely scene. Anyways, I guess Japan has a thing for zombies because now there is a zombie idol show with a new season coming out this April. Here’s the trailer for it.

    The announcement for said new season was January 1st 2021, because of time zones. Lucky bastards are already done with this year. Actually, while we are on the topic of years, what year is it even? I could have sworn the zombie genre died (heh) a few years ago. But as I already said, I live a sheltered life. Still though, when were zombies even popular last? 2018? Oh sh*t, that’s when the show first came out…nice.


    So this whole story starts when some loner with big dreams of becoming an idol gets hit by a truck. Are we entirely sure that this show wasn’t intended to originally be an idol isekai? I feel like that would make a ton of money. I would hate it but it would sell. 

    Fine, I’ll admit the art is cute.

    Idol girl does not wake up in a fantasy world where your singing voice determines your power level and status in society (I hate that I am coming around to the idea). No, she just wakes up as a zombie. Are zombies a common thing? Evidently so. Or at least common enough to warrant agents searching out recently deceased girls who wished to be idols so they can try and recruit them if they come back to unlife. Yes that is the plot. She gets recruited to an all zombie idol group by some random dude.


    Question. Was she set up? Like, did this agent see she had talent and wanted to be an idol, but he didn’t want to pay her fees or something, so instead he sets a hit on her and then brings her back with black magic? That’s a plot I could get into. Good opportunities for intrigue, backstabbing, and betrayal. Plus, who doesn’t love eldritch magics? Someone who has seen this tell me if I am right please. I like being correct.

    Something fun I just learned about this show is the fact that there is a stage play adaptation. Or there was going to be one. I think it was cancelled due to the forbidden times. I have noticed that Japan has been doing a lot of stage play adaptations recently. Maybe not recently. I may just only now be learning it’s a big thing. 

    Here’s the poster for the stage play. I don’t know, stage play adaptations of anime just don’t do it for me. Except Batman Ninja. Because Batman Ninja.

    Okay let’s do the cast and crew now. Whoops. Just kidding. Like hell am I doing that. Usually this part runs long if there are only six people on the list. But this time there are twenty three. Yeah. I have a gut feeling that reading two thousand words of me describing twenty three different peoples careers will be boring. 

    I know I just said that but I have to mention some quick things. Mostly just the fact we have artists from Jin-Roh Wolf Brigade and Ninja Scroll working on the show. That’s it. I just felt that was important to mention. Oh, I also found that one scene I was talking about at the start of the article.

    I guess it’s about time for a summary. Not much more to report on. We have the April 2021 release for season two of this weird idol zombie show. Oh that will be available on Amazon Prime Video, Tokyo MX, and AT-X. If you want to see the first season of this check Crunchyroll. Okay, we’re done here.


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