NieR Stage Play Gets Manga Adaptation

    I don’t quite know how to summarize this one. I mean I do, but not in a concise and understandable way. Then again, my style has never been concise or understandable. It’s more fun that way. Essentially, we’re getting a manga adaptation of the stage play adaptation of the NieR video games. Keeping up so far? Good.

    The “one” image we have of the manga, more on that below.

    Now the manga isn’t based on any one of the multiple stage plays, just the gestalt of them. Oh and by the way, there are multiple. The first one, Butai Shonen YoRHa Ver.1.0, came out back in January 2018. Then there was a musical version of that, but it was titled Ongakugeki YoRHa Ver.1.2. That was February 2018. 


    Of course then you had the July 2019 version, Butai Shonen YoRHa Ver.1.3a, which was a return to the original naming convention. There was supposed to be a play in March of this year, Butai YoRHa Ver.1.3aa, but you know, cancelled. However it was recorded without an audience and sold as Blu-ray. Wow, Blu-ray is still a thing?

    Oh by the way, don’t confuse any of these with the December 2020 all-female cast version, Butai Shojo YoRHa Ver.1.1a, which was supposed to be more based on the games. The others were also based on the games but not as much as this one.

    Btw the OG NieR game is a fantasy game. If that confuses you please play it. It is worth your time.

    I’d call this all confusing but NieR in general is confusing. The original game was technically two games. As in depending on what system you bought it for the main protagonist and plot would change. Also not the original game. Technically NieR is just a spin off of Drakengard. So every time I talk about how NieR Replicant, the first NieR game not the first game in the series, is getting a remaster, I’m actually just saying that the PS3 Version of the first game in the NieR spinoff series is being remastered. Glad we are all on the same page now. Boy do I love repeating myself.

    The comic/manga- real talk here for a second. I’m just going to call it whatever I want, okay? They mean the same thing. They are both forms of sequential art, the only difference is the damn name. Yes there are differences but that has to do with differences in artistic upbringing and stylistic choices, not some stupid word that has been tagged onto it. It’s Istanbul vs Constantanople. Personally, I like Constantanople. It’s a fun name.


    Now that’s out of the way, the comic is being done by Megumu Soramachi who also did- no way… They wrote the original Zombie Land Saga manga. I literally just wrote an article about the anime. Alrighty then, looks like I am going to need to keep my eyes on that show after all.


    That’s about it for manga info. All we really know is the artist. I do know that the artist is real good at drawing cute girls. And cute boys too. Just look at their site. Oh my god it’s adorable. As if I needed someone else to indulge my sick fantasies of more cute 2B content.

    For actual comic images, we only have the one. There may be a second, see below, but I’m not too sure. Then again, the oldest version of it was posted six days ago, so who knows, it may be an actual thing. 

    NieR has the cutest robots. I love them all.

    As I’m sure you can tell, I’m excited for this. And not just because I want more content featuring 2B. Yes that is a big reason. Stop looking at me like that. The real reason is just because I want more stories in the NieR universe. It’s such an interesting setting. So much sh*t has happened. The amount of stuff that must have happened between the first and second games is immense. There’s so much potential for so many beautiful stories. I want to see them all.

    Also more 2B.


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