Otherside Picnic Anime Adaptation Gets Release Date

    Once again I find myself looking forward to an upcoming show. There is a show called Otherside Picnic that looks really cute and it comes out January 4th. I have only just heard of Otherside Picnic and truthfully the only reason I am interested in it is because the art looks absolutely adorable. See below for the announcement trailer. Or whatever the proper name is I don’t know this stuff.

    I suppose it’s just a thirty second teaser but it looks really cute. The plot is also kind of interesting. Essentially it’s about dimension hopping and ghost popping. Dope. Sounds like some bizarre mix of Ghost Hunters and Mage the Ascension (as if I needed to somehow out nerd myself with references). 


    The cast of ghouls is not just relegated to ghosts. We actually have some urban legends and mythological creatures popping up. Creatures like Kunekune or Hasshaku-sama. Hold on just a second here. Where have I heard that second name before. Ah of course. Hasshaku-sama is a product of 2chan. Hmm. I wonder if this will be a recurring theme. Nothing wrong with that, I’m just wondering when Slenderman is going to show up.

    pop pop

    Okay, so using an urban myth from 2chan isn’t a good indicator of anything. Truthfully there is nothing wrong with that. If anything it may bring more of a public eye to the show. I digress. Cute show, ghosts are cool, urban myths are cool, still pretty excited. Let’s look at the cast.


    Starting off with the director we have a Mr. Takuya Sato. Oh wow he has worked on a lot. He’s worked on Gintama, Gundam, hey he was Caesar Zeppeli in JoJo. Wait. That doesn’t make sense. These are all voice acting rolls. 


    So it turns out there are two Takuya Satos who both work in anime. One is a voice actor, the other is a director. As it turns out, even online databases confuse them from time to time.

    I don’t know why I mentioned that but it was an entertaining little adventure for me that I thought I would share. Anyway, Takuya Sato, the director, has done storyboarding on two shows that I love: Trigun and Serial Experiments Lain. I haven’t seen any of this directorial work however, but he was also the director for Steins Gate. Huh, it appears I own all the visual novels on Steam. When the hell did that happen?

    The animation director is one Ayumi Nishibata. They have a pretty impressive career to be honest. Their works include Ancient Magus Bride, Attack on Titan, and Sword Art Online. SAO may be absolute garbage that I hate, but the animation was pretty crisp at times. 

    In what may be the coolest move, the show has a dedicated creature designer. I don’t think I have seen that before but it’s pretty damn cool in my opinion. From what I can see the actual designer, Kazutaka Ema, has not done creature design before, but they have worked on some stuff I am familiar with. Shows like Gundam, Banana Fish, Persona 3 the Movie, and uh Eromanga Sensei. I have not seen that last one but some of you have. And some of you will take this as a good mark for this show. I worry about you.

    I’m starting to run out of room so I am going to speed round these next cast members. Art Director is Hiroki Matsumoto, they’ve worked on Trigun, Made in Abyss, and Lupin III. I really want to stop and talk about them because they seem super cool but no time. Color Designer is You Iwaida. I recognize none of their work. Director of photography is Takeshi Kuchiba. Worked on Berserk Golden Age Arc, Initial D, Yuri On Ice, etc… Super cool. Running out of space.


    Good god there are still so many people left in the cast list. I’m going to just have to cut it off here because if I were to continue the whole article would just be me listing cast members. I mean, hell it already is that.

    So as I mentioned at the head of the article, the show has been confirmed to premiere on January 4th. But I have not given a ton of information on its origins. It actually started out as a novel series. I’m pleasantly surprised with how much of a common trend that is becoming. 

    It started publishing back in 2017 and has since been adapted into manga by Eita Mizuno, and published by Square Enix. Truth be told I didn’t know Square Enix did non videogame products but I guess you learn something new every day. For those of you interested in an official english release of said manga, expect a release on May 25th 2021. 

    This is usually where I would put my summary, but there isn’t a ton to summarize. January 4th is the release of this new cute anime. Oh by the way, if you have any ideas for something cute and simple to watch, I’d appreciate the suggestions. I need to take my mind off of the metaphorical hurricane building outside.

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