My Hero Academia Merchandise Event in Kyoto

    The My Hero Academia event, titled Hero Plaza, in Kyoto officially opened on December 26, 2020. For thirty-three days, visitors will be able to shop for exclusive My Hero Academia merchandise as well as take photos with character standees.

    Photo by Loft Kyoto

    Hero Plaza is located on the fourth floor of Loft Kyoto and will run from December 26, 2020 to January 27, 2021. A variety of miscellaneous goods will be sold, such as keychains, chocolate, and more!

    Hero Plaza in Loft Kyoto, Photo by @heroaca_plaza on Twitter

    Spending over 2,200 yen (including tax) from December 26, 2020 to January 8, 2021 will get you a free double-sided illustration card. Spending over 2,200 yen (including tax) from January 9, 2021 to January 27, 2021 will get you a free A5 clear file. Additionally, spending over 4,400 yen (including tax) will get you a free oversized can badge with a stand! These gifts will be available while supplies last.

    My Hero Academia Double-Sided Illustration Card, Photo by @heroaca_plaza on Twitter
    My Hero Academia Clear A5 File, Photo by @heroaca_plaza on Twitter
    Oversized Can Badge with Stand, Photo by @heroaca_plaza on Twitter

    There will be many never-before-seen merchandise at the event, such as character chocolate and clothing worn by the cast. Running at 700 yen/each, the My Hero Academia chocolate will come in either white or dark and will have one of two prints on it (below).

    My Hero Academia Chocolate, Photo by @heroaca_plaza on Twitter

    Visitors will also be able to purchase a shirt worn by Katsuki Bakugo in the anime! Each shirt will run 2,750 yen/each and runs in sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

    Bakugo Aji Fry Shirt, Photo by @heroaca_plaza on Twitter

    Currently, the Hero Plaza event is also being hosted in Loft Tenjin and will run until January 5, 2021. Previously, the Hero Plaza event was hosted in Loft Nagoya. It seems that in celebration of the 5th season, Hero Plaza is having a tour throughout Japan!

    Hero Plaza in Loft Tenjin, Photo by @heroaca_plaza on Twitter

    Check out the official Hero Plaza Twitter account for more photos of the event! What’s your favorite piece of merch?


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