Genshin Impact Update Ver. 1.2: Dragonspine Mountain

    The new update for the popular free-to-play game, Genshin Impact, released last week and players are stoked to be able to explore a new area. Additionally, more characters were introduced as well as a new story event titled “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon.”

    The new area is called Dragonspine Mountain, a tall mountain covered in snow and strong winds. While exploring the mountain, players will be exposed to Subzero Climate. The exposure will also cause players to accumulate Sheer Cold. If players explore the mountain for too long without being exposed to a heat source, their HP will slowly drain due to the Sheer Cold.

    Dragonspine Mountain, Photo by Mihoyo

    Sheer Cold has scared some players off from exploring the deathly mountain. However, Mihoyo, Genshin Impact’s developers, provided a generous amount of heat sources along Dragonspine Mountain’s main path. Make sure to have a Pyro character in your team when exploring so that you can light up these heat sources.

    Frostbearing Tree, Photo by Mihoyo

    During one of Dragonspine Mountain’s quests, players will unlock the Frostbearing Tree, Dragonspine Mountain’s equivalent of the Statue of the Seven. Players will need to collect Crimson Agate and offer it to the Frostbearing Tree, which will give them rewards similar to that with the Statue of the Seven.

    Sucrose and Paimon in front of Dragonspine Mountain, Photo by Mihoyo

    The highlight of Version 1.2 is Albedo, the Knights of Favonius’ Chief Alchemist. Albedo is a five-star Geo character that wields a sword.


    His Elemental Skill is called “Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma”. Using the power of alchemy, Albedo creates a Transient Blossom that deals Geo DMG. Standing on the Transient Blossom also serves as a floating platform to help you attack hard to reach enemies.

    His Elemental Burst is called “Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide”. The burst deals AoE Geo DMG and spawns Fatal Blossoms in the Solar Isotoma zone, dealing more Geo DMG in a wide area.

    Albedo Overview, Photo by Mihoyo

    The second character added is Ganyu, the secretary at Yuehai Pavilion. She is a five-star Cryo character that wields a bow.

    Her Elemental Skill is called “Trail of the Qilin”, where she summons an Ice Lotus that aggros enemies and deals Cryo DMG.


    Her Elemental Burst is called “Celestial Shower”, which rains shards off ice over enemies and deals Cryo DMG.

    Ganyu is currently not available to play. Since the current event focuses on Albedo, it could be possible that once his event finishes we’ll get a Ganyu event.

    Ganyu, Photo by Mihoyo

    Albedo’s event, “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon”, forces players to explore Dragonspine Mountain. This event will be separated into four Acts. Currently, Acts I, II, and III are unlocked and players will need to wait for Act IV to be unlocked. During this event, the player will participate in experiments conducted by Albedo so that he can learn more about who you are and the reasons behind your ability to harness the elements.

    Event Banner, Photo by Mihoyo

    At the end of the experiment, Albedo will give you Festering Desire, a four-star sword that seems to hold some kind of secret. In order to upgrade Festering Desire, players will need to complete Challenges, which heavily involve fighting enemies on Dragonspine Mountain. However, it’s in the players’ best interest to complete these Challenges because Festering Desire’s upgrades include 60% more DMG in Dragonspine, accumulating Sheer Cold at a slower rate, and up to 70% extra CRIT DMG.

    Festering Desire, Photo by u/kokorirorona on Reddit

    There are many new enemies, quests, artifacts, and weapons to discover on Dragonspine Island. Do keep in mind that since this area is new, there are a couple of bugs. I was completing the “In the Mountain” quest the other day and the Scarlet Quartz needed to destroy the special ice wasn’t spawning.

    Character Event Banner, Photo by Mihoyo

    Make sure to also make wishes if you want Albedo, Fischl, Bennett, or Sucrose! For a limited time, these characters will have a 50% drop rate. If you’re looking to add any of them to your team or unlock their constellations, now is the time to do so.

    Source: Official Genshin Impact Website


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