‘With a Dog AND a Cat, Every Day is Fun’ Gets New Theme Song and Release Date

    I think I’ve actually heard of this one before. Or at least I’ve heard of something with a similar premise. There are a lot of pet themed shows out there so who knows. In any case, the new season starts January 15th and we have its new theme song as well.

    If it seems like I am avoiding saying the title, that’s because I am. Personally I don’t feel like typing out With a Dog AND a Cat, Every Day is Fun because that is a mouthful and it takes super long to write. Have I gone off about anime titles yet? Half of them are this ungodly long mismatch of words that makes no sense. Whatever, that’s a personal issue, and one that everyone and their mother already knows about.


    I’m going to skip my usual synopsis because you really get the general gist of things from the title alone. I guess that’s an upside to the long title. It’s about someone who owns both a dog and a cat. The dog is a dog, and the cat is an asshole. So a normal cat really. And don’t shit on me for saying that. I own a cat, they are assholes and they know it.

    With a Dog AND a Cat, Every Day is Fun also has probably the smallest voice cast I have ever seen. It’s three people. And yet two of the three are some of the biggest names I’ve written about. Which is just to say they have a huge list of works they’ve been in. They’ve done a lot.


    Kana Hanazawa plays Ino-Kun, the dog mentioned in the title. Holy sh*t has Kana done a lot of work. We are talking Bakemonogatori, Blue Exorcist, Cells at Work, Garden of Words, Godzilla, Gundam, Space Dandy, Watamote, Your Name- the list just keeps going. Seriously I think she has done a show for every letter of the alphabet. I can check that actually.

    The only letters she is missing are J, X, and V, and that’s not counting musical work. Or non anime work. It’s a lot. And I haven’t even gotten started on the voice actor for the cat, Tomokazu Sugita. He Plays Neko-Sama and has been in far more shows than I wish to list, and it’s still somehow less than Kana Hanazawa. Oh! He’s going to be in Back Arrow! He’s also Joseph Jostar from JoJo. That’s pretty much sold this show for me. (And for those wondering, yes he has been in Gundam.)

    The third voice actor, I have unfortunately not heard of. She hasn’t been in too much I recognize. The only anime I know her from is Asobi Asobase. Although she was evidently in Hawaii Five-O and Child’s Play. Not exactly something I expected. Also something called “Cat Cat Video Funny Nyanko Large Set”. She was the narrator for that.

    Alrighty, crew time. You know, the animation is pretty simple (not in a bad way, in a descriptive way) so I wasn’t expecting them to have an award winning director working as their, well, director. But they got Shiji Kishi, someone I have actually heard of before. He’s done work on the Persona 3 and 4 animes, the Danganropa anime, and Assassination Classroom. Truthfully I can’t tell you how I know of him already, but I do.


    The other main listed crewman was Kazuaki Morita, who was doing character design, but for some reason that credit is now simply being given to “Team Till Dawn”. Huh. Bizarre.

    I almost forgot one of the main news parts of this news article, the new theme song. It’s titled “Lovely Days” and it’s for the previously mentioned second season. The song is being performed by Ayaka Ohashi. I don’t recognize any works she has been in, and I am getting tired of listing things. I am going to move on now.

    That’s really it for news, so I guess it’s time for the summary. January 15th is the release date for the new season/cours of With a Dog AND a Cat, Every Day is Fun. There’s going to be a new theme song. Oh, I almost forgot. Merry Christmas to those of you into that.


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