Inuyasha’s Beads of Subjection Replica Announced

    Prepare to get kinky, weebs! It has been announced that the famous Kotodama no Nenju (言魂(ことだま)の念珠(ねんじゅ), “Language Power Rosary”  or “Beads of Subjection” in English, are getting a high-quality replica release. For the low, low, low price of  22,000 yen or $212 USD, Inuyasha‘s signature beads can be yours.

    Fan of the series will recognize the beads that Kaede, in her infinite wisdom, place on Inuyasha in the second episode of the anime. Fro there, we have been given the recurring joke of Kagome telling Inuyasha to sit, as he is forced to the ground, his will having no say in the autonomy of his own body. Originally, the beads were justified as Inuyasha was sort of a dick early on, but once you hit episode like 50, you’re going, this is sort of sh*tty. But you know, anime and all that good stuff.


    The replica beads are made from real gemstones and will be life-size, their production having been supervised by Rumiko Takahashi herself, otherwise known as one of the hardest working mangakas of all time.


    The beads are an excellent addition to any anime collector and can potentially be used for…other activities.

    You can order the beads now on either Premium Bandai or Shonen Sunday Premium Shop before January 17th.

    Source: Mainichi Shimbun’s Mantan-Web


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