NieR Re[in]carnation Release Date Announced

    Merry Christmas to all! And a happy belated Hanukkah! Or is it Chanukkah? Seriously I don’t know. No one has ever told me the correct spelling despite the fact I see it written both ways constantly. חנוכה שמח.‎ There. Now no one can complain. Though, I think I did the period on the wrong side, and… Look, I don’t speak Hebrew. I come with gifts, okay? To help you celebrate whatever the hell it is you are into. I bring the best gift, the gift of anime delays. Or rather NieR delays.

    Okay kay, technically that’s clickbaity of me. Yes there are delays, but I have already covered those. Instead I bring a specification to said delays. See, that actually is a gift. It sure is a sh*tty gift but ya know, who cares. We actually now have a date for the release of NieR Re[in]carnation, February 18th. 

    Can I just use this image a second time? I have my reasons.

    You know what that means? I have cucked myself. If you remember in my last article I said that “first half” could mean anything and yadah yadah yadah. Point is I said that it was going to come out in June. February is very much not June. Hey, I suppose that me getting shown up is a pretty damn good gift after all.


    I’m not going to summarize the games in this one. Hopefully I tricked you into clicking the link to my last article and read everything we know there. We haven’t learned really anything new since then.

    Ohhh boy, Its my fav from above but somehow even more badass. Also attractive yes.

    Ahaha, nope. Once again I have been shown up. We actually do know some other stuff and I am only just finding out about it. Wow I am just the best at my job. There is a crossover collaboration between Nier Re[in]carnation and NieR Automata. 2B (my fukin waifu), 9S, and A2 are all going to be in Nier Re[in]carnation. This comes into effect day one. Here’s a teaser. 

    Also this video announces the February 18th release as well. All the news you need in a neat minute long package. On the topic of the event though, there is speculation that it will be timed, which is about accurate for the mobile platform. Yes I have a vendetta against mobile games, we went over this last time. 


    Also if you have five hours to kill I have another video for you. It’s the NieR 10th anniversary Christmas stream that Yoko Taro and friends put on this morning. Just in case you missed it. I know I did. Like hell was I staying up till 4:30am EST, I got sh*t to do.

    Originally at this point I had planned to already be on a rant about Christmas and video game delays and the value of art but I found more news and that didn’t exactly fit anymore. Consider this a shitty transition because I do have something I want to mention. Call it an agenda if you want, but it’s your choice if you decide to read it anyways.

    To summarize what was originally written: video games are art – art is subjective. Four hundred words condensed into seven. The reason I even bring it up is because of my hatred of mobile games, which really goes against the idea that video games are art.

    There is no such thing as bad art. Art is such a subjective media what one person says is bad, another may love. That’s why I feel like number based reviews are so sh*tty, they attempt to condense and break down what is inherently something that is based on opinion. And yet in my mind all mobile games are trash and that is an objective fact. Let’s back up a bit.


    Video games are art. However art can be abused for profit. While the art itself may still remain great, a part of it may be tainted by this exterior influence. I realize this is common knowledge, but stay with me. I feel like this can cheapen the experience of said art in my eyes. Enter the mobile game scene, a group that has been so saturated with corporate money schemes that it all just balls together into this single cheap pile of…

    One day I am going to do an article and it will be forty images of characters from Nier Re[in]carnation. I love them all so much.

    Perhaps we should back up one more time. I look at all those games on the various app stores and I just see garbage. And yet each one must have had a start. Someone had a creative idea that they loved. They wanted to make something special, something they could call their own. 

    Look at even games that are just corporate amalgamations of algorithms, calculating the perfect money selling game. Those algorithms have to look somewhere. They Look at what is popular, at things with heart. Those weird mobile games that all look the same, the ones you see adds for every twelve seconds? They had to start somewhere. Someone had an idea for something fun they could make. Just a small thing. Maybe it was one of those games, maybe those games just ripped them off. But there was an original. And each original had a heart. It was art.

    Damn the men are super hot too!

    Not every mobile game is bad, obviously. There are some great ones out there. And that’s why I hate on Nier Re[in]carnation so much. It has so much heart being put into it. Yoko Taro is working on it himself. That has to be evidence of something. My frustration comes from the fact that I am worried that the experience of the game will be cheapened by what seems to be the same mobile game money making schemes.


    Maybe that’s on us though. Would any of us buy a sixty dollar mobile game? No? What about thirty dollars? Fifteen? Why not? What makes them so different from games on consoles or PCs? Maybe we look at mobile games as being less than proper glorious PC games. 

    Perhaps these tactics arose because we look at mobile games as not being worthy of standard pay structures. We want their game for two dollars and that’s final. So then what? Do they have to pump out thirty different two dollar games a day to make rent? Or maybe they load up on ads in order to make some money. Or maybe they go with microtransactions because people seem okay with buying them and they might actually make a few bucks. 

    I realise that the problem is big name developers doing this, but it had to start somewhere you know? I sure as hell am not going to stop hating mobile games, but it’s food for thought. Maybe Nier Re[in]carnation will be the first mobile game I actually get into. Maybe the secret reason I hate mobile games is because I have fat thumbs and they take up the whole screen good god just please give me a controller. 

    Yaay summary time. 2B is going to be in Nier Re[in]carnation. Also some other characters from NieR Automata, but none matter but best girl 2B. Also Nier Re[in]carnation comes out February 18th. Put the delay clause here.


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