The Promised Neverland Gets New Grace Field Café

    We’re always covering anime-themed cafés here at FIGHTBOI Unlimited Coverage. This is our chosen lovely burden; staring at delectable food and drink that we won’t be able to enjoy. Previously, we’ve covered the Pokémon café, Jujutsu Kaisen café, the possible Chainsaw Man café, and the Mob Psycho 100 II tea salon. Check them out to tease yourself!

    Today’s focus will be the new The Promised Neverland café, named the Grace Field Café. The Grace Field Café opened its doors December 11, 2020 and will be open to the public until January 11, 2021. The café is located on the 52nd floor of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower in Tokyo.

    The menu is comprised of different meals, desserts, and drinks inspired by the cast of The Promised Neverland!

    Isabella Burger

    The first item on the menu is the Isabella Burger (1,480 yen), a hamburger with tomatoes and lettuce. The bun of the hamburger is black and is designed to look like Isabella’s outfit. The hamburger comes with a side of chips topped with Isabella’s key!

    Emma’s Omelet Rice

    The second item is Emma’s Omelet Rice (1,380 yen), an omelet rice dish designed to parallel Emma’s iconic hairstyle. The dish comes topped with edible orange flower petals as well!

    Norman’s Farm Green Curry

    Next up we have Norman’s Farm Green Curry (1,580 yen), a curry dish with Norman standing in the center of the rice. The greens surrounding the rice represent the forest surrounding the farm. On top of the greens is the Minerva pen that Norman discovers. The letters “Minerva” are written on the pen in Morse code as well!

    Ray’s Last Book Sandwich

    Last but not least on the main course menu is Ray’s Last Book Sandwich (1,550 yen). The sandwich contains egg salad, crispy fish fry, and tomatoes and comes with a side of fries. The sandwich’s bread comes stamped with the cover of the book Ray gives Emma before she escapes.

    Full Score Parfait

    Next up on the dessert menu is the Full Score Parfait (1,450 yen). This parfait’s layers represent The Promised Neverland‘s main cast. From top to bottom, the orange jelly layer is Emma, the panna cotta layer is Norman, and the chocolate pudding cake is Ray. Each of the layers also comes with an identification number on the side of the glass.

    Little Bunny Shortcake

    The last item on the dessert menu is the Little Bunny Shortcake (1,350 yen), a mixed berry shortcake depicting Connie’s favorite Little Bunny doll.


    The Little Bunny on top of the short cake is made of milk pudding. Underneath is sponge cake and yogurt cream!

    Everyone’s House Lantern Drink

    First on the drink menu is the Everyone’s House Lantern Drink (1,050 yen). The drink is made of chocolate whipped cream and frozen yogurt and is topped with two orange slices to represent Emma’s hair.

    Promised Pendant Drink

    Next up we have the Promised Pendant Drink (1,050 yen), a drink made of ginger ale, Calpis, and blue curacao on top of apple-flavored ice. The blue to green gradient represents the colors of the pendant Emma receives from Mujika.

    Emma’s Latte
    Norman’s Latte
    Ray’s Latte

    The last drink on the menu will be a latte (850 yen) with either Emma, Norman, or Ray printed on it. Each latte also comes with an original coaster. Customers will randomly receive one coaster of either Emma, Norman, or Ray.

    Here’s a link to the Grace Field Café’s official website, which is actually a branch of The Promised Neverland‘s Special Exhibition.


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