Ciel Nosurge DX and Ar Nosurge DX’s Release Dates Pushed Back to March

    Koei Tecmo has announced that its remastered games Ciel Nosurge: Requiem for a Lost Star DX and Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star DX will be delayed. Instead of releasing on the original date of January 28, 2021, the games will become available for purchase on March 4th of the same year. According to Producer Akira Tsuchiya in his statement through the games’ official website, the delay will help the studio to improve the quality of the games.

    Official art / Ciel Nosurge, Koei Tecmo

    The video developer studio Gust — a division of Koei Tecmo — has been hard at work remastering Ciel Nosurge and Ar Nosurge for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows. The studio originally launched the games on April 2012 and March 2014 respectively, with Ciel Nosurge on the PlayStation Vita and Ar Nosurge on the PlayStation 3. Ar Nosurge would later see a PlayStation Vita release on October 2014. Ciel Nosurge was also accompanied by downloadable content (DLC), all of which got bundled in later version releases named Ciel Nosurge Re:Incarnation and Ciel Nosurge Offline.

    Gameplay screenshot / Ar Nosurge, Koei Tecmo

    Notably, Koei Tecmo previously stated that Ciel Nosurge and its DLCs would stay exclusive to Japan. In a Twitter response in 2015, Koei Tecmo Europe’s account stated that the game “would remain as Japan release only. Really sorry..”

    On the other hand, Koei Tecmo did not make Ar Nosurge as exclusive; the publisher brought the game to North America and Europe in the third quarter of 2014 under the title Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star.

    Fortunately, Western fans of Ar Nosurge‘s universe will have much better access to both Ciel Nosurge and Ar Nosurge come this March. Even better — the DX games won’t be mere ports, but will be full remasters with enhanced graphics, cleaner animation, and polished mechanics as can be seen in the official gameplay footage live-streamed last month (gameplay footage for the two games begins after the 50:07 mark in the video):

    As a life simulation video game, Ciel Nosurge (and its upcoming DX version) allows the player to interact with a character named Ionasal.kkll.Preciel — a mouthful of a name that thankfully gets shortened to Ion. Because Ion has amnesia, the player is tasked with “diving into her mind” to recover her memories. There, the player must locate areas in the mindscape in need of repair and tend to them. While embroiled in this task, the player can also romance Ion. True to this game’s genre, over time Ion will reportedly start to synchronize her in-game activities to the player’s schedule, thus giving the impression of a living — yet virtual — being.

    Gameplay screenshot / Ciel Nosurge, Koei Tecmo

    Ar Nosurge, on the other hand, adheres more to the role-playing game archetype with field explorations, battles, and item enhancements. In this game, players control the protagonists Delta Lathanoir and Casty Riernoit as they navigate a tense world where a human colony struggles to survive. While under attack from the hostile Sharls, humanity must seek and reclaim magic and knowledge lost to time; Delta and Casty become the lynchpin to this effort and, over the course of their journey, connect with a colorful cast of characters that breathe life into this game’s world.

    Look forward to more news and developments about the remasters in the months to come!

    Sources: Siliconera and Koei Tecmo Europe’s official Twitter


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