’86’ Anime Gets Teaser and Cast Reveal (Video)

    So. 86. Not sure what this is. I hate that my immediate thought is to guess it’s an isekai. Is this what the state of anime has become? So oversaturated with a certain genre that I assume anything unknown is automatically an isekai? I shouldn’t do this to poor 86. This should be a celebration, kind of like a weird anime pre-birthday. Does that make any sense? I’m trying to say I am excited for the April 2021 premiere of 86

    Took me long enough to get to the point. Yes, as I’m sure you guessed, this is one of my premiere/show information articles. They are a personal favorite of mine. Even if they are just the same twelve jokes over and over again. Actually, I think that was just one of them.

    Okay, what is my usual order for these? I think I put the plot summary first. Yeah, having checked that is the case. Tell you what, this show is hard as hell to look up. I guess that just comes with being a number. But having actually found information, this show could be absolutely fantastic if they don’t screw it up.


    Straight out the gate this sh*t is dark. Like Nazi Germany war story dark. Literally. There are literal future mecha fantasy Nazis. Essentially what we have happening here is some racist dickbag looked at the people living in district 86 and went “nope you ain’t human anymore”. So now they are all stuck in internment camps and forced to fight the current war on behalf of their benevolent overlords.

    This has a ton of potential. I know I just said that but I want to say it again: I am genuinely super excited for this, based on plot synopsis alone. I might actually have to go out and buy the original light novels. I hope they don’t mess up the show because I will be livid. Oh right, I was still talking about plot.

    Among all this, you have some lady named Lena who is an Alban noble. Albans are the racist assholes who started all this sh*t. The ones living in the 86 were the Colorata. They still exist but like, not really (Read: not officially). 


    Point is, Lena is one of the Nazis who gets assigned to work with one of the groups of 86’s. These guys are special because they actually managed to earn the right to have names. Because evidently you need to earn that right. You meet the other main character here, Shinn. Alternative spellings I’ve found include Sheen and Shinei. I don’t know the correct one. Someone out there does and is going to yell at me though.

    Look, this is one of those that seems to have earned its self descriptor. It talks about how it’s “the story of a tragic struggle” and I honestly believe it. Which is rare for me. It looks good. I am going to continue to say that till the end of the article.

    Okay, crew time. The show is being animated by A-1 pictures. No problems with them except for the fact I really don’t like them. They make some good stuff, but they also made Sword Art Online. Oh they also did Fairy Tail, and until I get those wasted hours back I shall not forgive them. Hold up. They worked on Gundam. All is forgiven.

    The director of the show is Toshimasa Ishii. I have only now heard of him. He hasn’t done a ton but he has done work on BEASTARS, GATE, and Your Lie in April. Oh shit and some work on Interviews with Monster Girls. For such a short list, these are basically all hits in their own way.

    On scripts we have Toshiya Ono. Again, not someone I’ve heard of before, and they also don’t have a huge list of works. Really the only show I recognize is Blue Exorcist. Not a bad show to be recognized for.

    Now the character designer, Tetsuya Kawakami, has done a ton of stuff. Of note is their work on Fullmetal Alchemist (both original and brotherhood), Interviews with Monster Girls (again), and Ouran High School Host Club. Ah, they have also worked on Sword Art Online. Glad to see that turning up again.

    So, other things of note. We have a teaser trailer for the show. That’s going to be in the tweet below. Holy sh*t 1.7K retweets. Glad to hear I’m not the only one excited for this show.

    The novel has been going on for a little over three years now. It started back in April 2017. I don’t know why you would want to know that but now you do. Things you may want to know include the fact that the series is still ongoing (Authors note: Found out the next release is May 9th), and that it has a manga adaptation. I would provide art but the Omnissiah has cursed me for my abuse of technology and google refuses to show me anything relevant.


    If you need more coercing towards excitement, hows about I tell you that the light novels won 23rd in the Dengeki Novel Prize competition back in 2016. They also ranked 2nd in the 2018 Light novel guide thingy. Something called Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! Don’t know what the hell that is but they really liked the books.

    Summary: 86 looks good. Be excited. If it gets screwed up, death shall occur. Expect to see it around April 2021. I think. I’d put money on it but I’m a bad gambler. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to appease my computer’s machine spirit. And unlike in 86 I don’t secretly have a person in there.

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