Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 7 Review

    After the disappointment pertaining to last week’s episode, I was pleased with the mild progression of the story. Sort of.

    Episode 1 of the series was that old flash forward then flashback trick to get viewers interested in the series. While episode 1 used it as a device to show us a story from the OG Inuyasha crew’s past, this time it is mostly used to establish a more consistent overarching narrative.

    Back to the past!

    Towa, while on a solo search to find the Dream Butterfly, meets a wandering pirate named Riku. He’s on the promotional art, so you know he’s going to be important. After giving Towa a stolen sword from a local feudal lord, she is kidnapped and coerced into giving answers about the future.


    Once again, I should state my enjoyment of the fact that this series has an actual consideration of the time travel aspect of the show. If you watched the original series, it always felt more like Kagome was traveling to an alternate universe as opposed to the past. She was fairly lax about the timeline, but Towa on the other hand makes frequent considerations about keeping this period free from timeline alternating shenanigans.

    She actually asks Riku to give him the core from the apple she just gave him to prevent a new tree from sprouting, which would completely ruin the ecosystem! I wonder if anyone told Towa or Kagome, that introducing all the preservatives we have in the modern era might not be so good for people living primarily off of the land? Who knows? Stay tuned for, “Yashahime: Why is there blood in my stool?” You can use that if you want Rumiko Takehashi. But I want executive producer credits.


    Anyway, this episode is really building on the idea that Towa is the most reliable out of her, Setsuna and Moroha. And I guess? Like not really yet. She’s been there for like maybe a canonical week at most and while she does score every final kill on the boss, it usually feels like Setsuna and Moroha are aiding a lot.

    Which is another major plus of the series. Original Inuyasha always felt like the crew was kind of just stalling before Inuyasha comes in and starts murdering everything. It always made the other characters feel disposable and made me question how anyone who wasn’t at least half demon was surviving in this world. Even Miroku, who was this super power monk, gets his ass whooped in that series sort of regularly.

    Maybe a Villain We’ll Care About???

    Yashahime has more balance. All three of our leads can protect themselves and aid in the vanquishing of the enemy, and the show even gives time to showing how Kohaku’s new band of demon slayers is effective. Sure, they implement the main three, but there is a clear sense of competency that shows that this system is working, and the demon slayers survived this long for a reason. You know, ignoring the whole Naraku thing.

    But yeah, feels more like an ensemble, even if Towa is sort of meh. Although, she is embodying that lax vibe Kagome once had, so there’s a plus. I continue to be excited for the shows future and hope they develop the trio more.


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