Platinum End Manga Receives Anime Adaptation

    Good news for fans of the works of Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba. At this years’ Jump Festa event, it has been revealed that the duo’s current manga, Platinum End, will be receiving an anime adaptation. Previous collaborations by the duo include Death Note and Bakuman, two wildly different shows with notable success throughout the industry.

    From the brief teaser trailer that we have, it is no doubt that the anime is going to be absolutely beautiful. Studio Signal. M.D is handling the production, with Hideya Takahashi taking the directorial role. Along with him, Kōji Ōdate will handle character design and Shinichi Inotsume will be in charge of the composition. So, all around, stellar team for what may be a sensory delight of an anime.


    While the story seems simple on paper, (obvious Mirai Nikki vibes) the manga in its beginning chapters was confusing and difficult to follow. Without getting into spoilers, a villain team appears, and they are all dressed identically and are only identified via the color of their outfit. Which, you know, is difficult to convey when manga is in black and white. So hopefully, much like Death Note, a show that was given a crazy, in your face, aesthetic thanks to the animation, Platinum End will receive the same treatment. Because if they can transfer how gorgeous the manga looks to the animation, then we are in for a treat (and hopefully some banger Opening songs).


    The story, however, will hopefully benefit through its adaptation. Despite the love I and many others have for Obata and Ohba’s work, there is a bit of discourse around Platinum End. The story of the manga follows Mirai Kekehashi, a young man who, after being fed up with the abuse done to him by his aunt and uncle, is rescued by a guardian angel, granting him a power that leads him into a death game to see who will become the next god of the world.

    Just Look At This Art!

    The series is set to air October 2021.

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