Promised Neverland Exhibit At Mori Art Museum

    In a previous article about Sister Krone, I said that there would be an exhibit about The Promised Neverland later this winter. Well, this winter definitely arrived and The Promised Neverland now has an exhibit in the Mori Art Museum in Roppongi, Japan.

    The exhibit is in the Sky Gallery, located near the very top of the museum. The opening hallway contains a spread of every single manga volume cover and just below that is a massive picture of the kids standing outside Gracefield. On the other side of that is a picture of a demon with its claws outstretched.

    Once you leave the opening room and enter the exhibit proper, it’s filled with artwork from the manga. Additionally, this part of the exhibit includes props and replicas of some of the demon masks and characters. How cool is that?!? Also, you can read commentary by the writer Kaiu Shirai and artist Posuka Demizu as they look back on all the big moments in the story.

    Owl Athena Area

    The exhibit also highlights the process of creating the manga, from the writing and drafting stage to the actual drawing work involved. Shirai is a very accomplished artist, and the character designs that are featured in the manga are based on their own drawings. In fact, Shirai also draws the rough draft of each chapter, which Demizu then takes to draw another draft in their style before fleshing out the details. Each creator takes a week to complete their part of the chapter.


    As a special touch to the exhibit, both Shirai and Demizu, each created an illustration and wrote a message of appreciation on it. (Awwww)

    Another reason why this exhibit is so special is that both Shirai and Demizu published an epilogue chapter that is exclusive to this event only. They also released a new, exclusive visual for the manga that is absolutely beautiful.


    When visiting the exhibit, you can relive the many twists and turns of The Promised Neverland manga while anticipating the second season of the anime. However, this exhibit is filled with spoilers, so I’d suggest reading the manga fully before visiting. (If spoilers are important to you of course)

    Epilogue Visual

    The Promised Neverland Exhibit will be in the Mori Art Museum from December 11, 2020, until January 11, 2021. Also if you’re interested in learning more about the exhibit, you can learn more from the official website.

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