I’m Standing on a Million Lives Gets Second Season (Video)

    So I’m just going to go out on a limb here and guess that this is an isekai. I’ve never seen nor heard of I’m Standing on a Million Lives, but that title alone really gives me isekai vibes. You don’t really hear the concept of multiple lives much outside of video games and cats. Also, I can just guess isekai for an upcoming show and have a 50/50 chance of being right. It’s not like the market is oversaturated or anything. In any case, the show is getting a second season.

    Now lets see what we have for a summary. Friendless, useless, all around massive NEET living a boring highschool life: check. Said worthless individual is suddenly transported to an alternate world where he is the hero: check. Said alternate world is a generic fantasy setting with no major redeeming or outstanding qualities: kinda check.

    I know this looks cool as hell, but actually its just misleading as hell.

    I know it is a fantasy world, but I am not sure if the lore of the setting makes it stand out as not generic. Let me see here. Yup, it’s pretty generic. For a show that describes itself as being “a one-of-a-kind fantasy story” that’s going to “challenge everything you thought you knew about fantasy” it’s anything but. 


    I suppose I should give the show credit, it stars a middle schooler instead of the usual high schooler. So that’s cool and unique and does not raise any concerns from me. The kid acts like an angsty teenager in the show, so they got that accurate, at least to my middle school career. He’s a “lone wolf” who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. In reality he just reads as a sociopath, or at the very least someone obsessed with the sociopathic chic. To be more specific, someone who considers sociopathic actions to be cool and models themselves as such. Neither makes a good protagonist.

    This is the usual. Not exactly gritty fantasy adventure.

    Despite all of what I’ve been saying, the show is evidently pretty tame. Tame can be done well, but it’s hard to be extremely edgy when you want to keep a PG rating. You get stuck at an impasse where you end up being boring and childish. And that’s coming from me, someone who is incredibly boring and childish. The show just comes off as super cringy.

    Whatever, let’s just move on to the actual news part of this. It’s getting a second season that’s going to premiere July 2021. We got a teaser video to celebrate that esteemed fact. It’s right beneath this if you would like to watch.

    I’d go over the cast but I don’t recognize anyone working on this, except maybe Takao Yoshioka, who worked on WATAMOTE, Your Lie in April, and Elfen Lied. I can’t even make my usual Gundam joke (if you can even call it a joke) because no one in the crew has worked on that. I feel disappointed.


    I’m going to level with you here. Knowing nothing about this show and having not seen it nor even heard of it until a few minutes ago, I’m going to recommend you watch something else. The still images I see of this look cool but I realize they just remind me of other stuff.

    I realize this show must be good for someone, it’s not for me though.

    The giant no face blue man? Looks pretty cool to be honest. But there are better shows with humanoid eldritch gods. Just watch Evangelion, you’ll be burnt out on them by The End (of Evangelon). Heh. I crack myself up.

    Tell you what, I’m going to recommend to you an overwhelmingly good fantasy anime/manga that truly challenges what you think the fantasy genre could be. Not only that but it’s inspired countless works with its dark and gritty, yet deep and varied setting. Also the protagonist is not an unlikable angsty middle schooler. No you can’t guess what it is. Yes I realize you already know what I’m going to say. Yes it is Berserk, stop interrupting me and let me have this.

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