Farewell My Dear Cramer Movie Gets New Trailer

    I want to start this off by saying I woke up this morning with what may be the worst hangover I have had in a long while. Normally that wouldn’t be relevant, but I have found that nothing makes a hangover worse than Seinfeld. Nothing against the show or the man, it’s just scientific fact. Luckily I’m not writing about Seinfeld, I’m writing the same joke I made last time I talked about Farewell My Dear Cramer. I’m also writing about that show. God everything hurts.

    So, uh, where was I? Oh yeah, Farewell My Dear Cramer just had a trailer drop. It looks pretty good and has some stand out moments, but that whistle at the beginning. That damn whistle shot through my brain like a railroad spike through Phineas Gage. I need some water, go watch the trailer while I get some.

    Okay, that’s a bit better. What do I usually do now? Plot synopsis, right. I was considering skipping the plot synopsis because I wrote about it in my previous article except no I didn’t. I just wrote about Soccer and how much I hate Seinfeld or something. I guess now is my time to make up for that.


    I actually do have a plot synopsis now, and not one scrambled together from a TVTropes page. Surprising I know. Essentially the plot is that this girl named Sumire Suo sucks at soccer. So naturally her rival, someone actually good at sports, invites her to join the highschool soccer team and be best friends with her. Does this show know what a rival is? Last I checked a rival was not someone you love and think is super cool even though they aren’t. That’s a friend. Maybe my headache is confusing me. 

    We don’t have any new reveals for the cast so that’s something we can gloss over. We do have some more movie information though. To catch you up on what’s happening, Farewell My Dear Cramer is getting both an anime and movie adaptation. The trailer that sent a painful jolt through my skull is for the movie. It’s adapting the prequel manga. Why am I having to explain this again, just read my old article already.

    My point is that theatres are going to start selling something called “MoviTicke Cards”. I have no idea if that’s just a really bad typo or genuinely what something is called, it’s hard to think right now. It sounds like it’s just movie tickets though, so I am going to go with that. They’re going to start selling the ticket things on December 25th. These are just preorders though, the movie itself is debuting April 1st. Oh boy that’s a good day to have things happen.


    If you do get the strange preorder ticket things, you may also get a clear file folder containing some exclusive illustrations ( while supplies last). I probably should have led with that. For a look at these items, see below.

    As I previously mentioned, I’ve found myself surprisingly interested in this show and movie, and the trailer has added onto that a little bit. Although maybe it’s just because certain scenes in the trailer remind me of Five Centimeters Per Second, one of my favorite movies. You see what I mean? The lighting in some scenes have a really similar vibe, and the rain really gives off a slight Makoto Shinkai feel. Obviously it’s not as good as what that man creates, but not much is. Rain. Water. I need more water.

    Okay, let’s wrap this up with a summary. Tickets for the Farewell My Dear Cramer movie are going on sale the 25th of December. The movie is premiering on April 1st. The show is also going to premiere in April but I don’t have an exact date yet. I’m going to go watch Seinfeld and hope it makes me feel better.

    Stay tuned for continued coverage as we get closer to the release.

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