Burning Kabaddi Sports Anime Gets Promo Video

    Sports! Yay for Sports! That’s something we can all agree on as anime lovers, right? We uh, we are all really into sports. Yaaay sports. I don’t know a lot about sports. So naturally I would find myself interested in a new show about a new sport I have never heard of before.

    I can’t be the only one who doesn’t know what the hell kabaddi is right? It’s obviously popular enough to have an entire series written about it (Authors Note: Okay yeah, it is VERY popular. I need to look more into this), but quidditch was popular enough to have a book series written about it or something, so who knows.


    Before I can even begin to talk about this show I am going to have to explain this sport. It’s a full contact sport that seems to be most popular in the Indian subcontinent. That’s the most I can make sense of so far. It sounds like complicated team tag. One guy runs on over to the other teams side and tries to tag as many people as he can and make it back over without getting his shit pushed in. Oh and you can only do it in one breath. The way you prove that is you constantly chant in order to show you have yet to take a breath.

    So uh, yeah. Advanced no-breathing one man tag. Where you can get beat up. I feel like I played this as a kid. You know where all the school bullies gather together and say they’re on one team and I’m by myself on the other team, and that I have to tag them all but they can punch me in the face or tackle me and — I’m the only one who had this happen aren’t I?

    I guess the point is that people wanted an anime about this. So now we have one. It’s expected to premiere next April, but as I say in every article, things have been delayed a ton recently so be aware of that possibility. 

    This is the poster I make mention of below.

    This is the longest I’ve ever gone without mentioning the title of the show, which is Burning Kabaddi. Not the worst title in the world. The show is about some guy named Tatsuya Hoigoshi, who is an ex soccer star who hates sports. Why he even played soccer to begin with I don’t know. Maybe there is a tragic backstory where we learn that something happened in his soccer career that was terrible and tragic and made him swear to forever hate sports until like a few years later when he plays kabaddi. Pause for breath.


    That’s the general idea really. Guy hates sports, he sees sport, he decides to play sport. There must be something there though because the manga ranked in the top twenty back in 2017. The 15th volume was just released back in October so the series is still going from the looks of it.

    Now to my favorite part where I talk about cast and crew. Usually I find myself skipping over the VA’s because I am unfamiliar with their work but I actually want to take a moment to talk about the main two.

    Playing the main character Tatsuya Hoigoshi we have one Yuma Uchida. While the man has worked on some big shows like JoJo, Gundam, and Fruit Basket, the real reason I bring him up is his work on other sports anime. Well, one sports anime. He was in my favorite sports anime, Ping Pong. Not as anyone major, but it’s enough of a good mark for me. One day I will go on about this beautiful show, but that will have to wait.

    The other main VA is Nobuhiko Okamoto. He has been in JoJo and My Hero Academia as- you know what, here just watch this.

    There are other big name VAs here, such as Makoto Furuikawa (Saitama in One Punch Man), but they don’t have their own poster so who cares.

    For the crew we have Kazuya Ichikawa as director. Kazuya seems to have most of his experience in animation with CG. But good CG I guess. He worked on Evangelion 3.0, so I am highly biased in his favor. The writer, Yuuko Kakihara has worked as a writer on Cells at Work!, but that’s the only real big name I noticed for him. I guess the sound director, Shoji Hata, has some good credits, such as Ancient Magus Bride, Hellsing, and Space Dandy, but when I’m grasping towards sound design for big names, it’s not a great sign.

    I don’t want this to sound like I think the show will be bad. I’m just saying it doesn’t have an all star crew. The VAs are good, and many of them have a lot of experience working on various sports anime. For all I know this will be amazing. 

    Summary: A new anime about a sport I’ve never heard of is premiering next April barring no delays.

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