Chainsaw Man Anime, Awards, Nendoroids, and more!

    Sunday, December 13 was a momentous day for Chainsaw Man fans. Alongside the release of Chapter 97, the anime adaptation was officially announced alongside the release of the official website and Twitter account.

    Photo by Fujimoto Tatsuki and Shonen Jump

    Chainsaw Man began publishing in Weekly Shonen Jump in December 2018 and finished publishing in December 2020. The story follows Denji, a teenage boy who dreams of living a simple life with a girl he likes. However, in order to pay off his family’s debts, Denji is forced to serve the yakuza alongside his pet devil dog, Pochita. Unfortunately, Denji is targeted by the yakuza and is killed. Pochita, who wishes for Denji to live, merges with Denji’s heart, ultimately granting him the power of the chainsaw devil. Denji catches the eyes of the Public Safety Bureau and is taken under their wing as a devil hunter.


    The following article will contain spoilers for the latter half of Chainsaw Man.

    Photo by Fujimoto Tatsuki and Shonen Jump

    Fans highly anticipated Chapter 97’s release, especially after the intense Control Devil arc and Denji’s loss of his closest friends. Mangaka Fujimoto Tatsuki, however, hinted at an exciting announcement on the same day of the final chapter’s release. He did not disappoint. The first of many Chainsaw Man announcements was Part 2 of the manga, marking the first 97 chapters as the Public Safety Arc.

    Chainsaw Man Chapter 71 cover, Photo by Fujimoto Tatsuki and Shonen Jump

    The last panel of Chapter 97 depicts Denji in a high school uniform and a citizen saying “Rumor has it Chainsaw Man is a high schooler now!” Throughout the series, Denji isn’t shy about making his lack of education known to the readers and villains. He struggles to comprehend life or death situations during battles and frequently fantasizes about what high school life would be like, especially one with Reze. With Part 2’s announcement and Denji’s uniform, fans are hypothesizing that the next arc will be a high school arc where we get to see Denji act like the teenager that he is.

    Chainsaw Man Chapter 97, Photo by Fujimoto Tatsuki and Shonen Jump

    The official anime website and Twitter account were also unlocked for public view. The website and account have been known for a while now. However, the website was password protected and the Twitter account was private. The Twitter account posted three tweets.

    The first tweet officially announces the Chainsaw Man anime and that MAPPA will be heading the project. The website,, was also linked alongside the animation teaser visual. With the success of Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan Season 4, fans are ecstatic that MAPPA will be animating the story. We can expect great visuals and possibly a great opening from the studio.

    Chainsaw Man Teaser Visual, Photo by MAPPA

    The second tweet announces that Part 2 and the anime’s release dates have been decided. It also thanks fans for their support for the Chainsaw Man manga.

    The last tweet announces that the Animate Cafe in Ikebukuro has been reserved for a Chainsaw Man café! The café plans to open sometime in March 2021.

    Good Smile Company also announced on their Twitter account that Chainsaw Man nendoroids are in the works. At the moment, they’re working on Denji and Power nendoroids. The preview photos also show Pochita, who may be an add-on to the Denji nendoroid. Hopefully, Good Smile Company will release other characters’ nendoroids, such as Makima and Aki. However, we may have to wait until the anime’s release for these characters.

    Lastly, the results for the Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2021 (This Manga is Amazing!) awards was announced on December 9th. Chainsaw Man placed 1st in the Ranking for Male Demographic. In celebration, a Chainsaw Man PV of the manga was released. The PV does contain spoilers for the latter half of the manga. However, since no context is given for these spoilers, fans who haven’t finished reading the manga can enjoy the PV.

    There haven’t been any announcements regarding the anime and Part 2’s release. Let’s hope that we won’t have to go long without Chainsaw Man content!

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