Hello Kitty x The Hundreds is an S-Tier Collab

    What do you get when you cross two of the longest standing and most iconic brands within their respective scenes? “An S-tier collaboration” is the answer to that question, and that’s exactly what we got with the new Hello Kitty x The Hundreds project that just dropped.

    In a perfect union of east meets west, The Hundreds x Hello Kitty is a tale of two industry giants teaming up to form a true OG super team. The Hundreds were part of the initial west-coast skateboard fashion movement that helped propel modern streetwear into what we know it as today, and Hello Kitty is basically the Mickey Mouse of kawaii fashion and lifestyle. It’s nearly impossible to overstate each of these brand’s respective influences on popular culture.

    Heads Pullover Hoodie / image courtesy of The Hundreds, Sanrio

    The great thing about this collaboration is its versatility. Due to the fact that you’re merging the modern streetwear design principles of The Hundreds with the immediately recognizable and kawaii characters of Sanrio, most pieces in this project will fit into your wardrobe regardless of what your usual aesthetic is.


    The total number of items in this fairly large collaboration comes in at well over 20 pieces, so if this sort of thing strikes your fancy you’re sure to be able to find something you like. In typical The Hundreds fashion, most of the items come in multiple colorways so it should be quite easy to pick something out that you would like to order.

    From t-shirts and hoodies, to water bottles and leather jackets, this collaboration is a perfect example of what to expect from a major modern streetwear drop.

    Out of every item in this collection, it is of my personal opinion that the the true grail is the Friends Souvenir Jacket (pictured below). Everything about this jacket is perfect, well, except for the fact that it’s missing the best Sanrio character: Pompompurin. A souvenir jacket is a piece of outerwear that can be a staple of your wardrobe for as long as you’re willing to have it, and the design featured on the back features Sanrio and The Hundreds logos as well as an assortment of eight of Sanrio’s most popular characters. All of which is beautifully embroidered, by the way.

    Friends Souvenir Jacket / image courtesy of The Hundreds

    The actual centerpiece of the drop, at least according to the price, is their Sponsor Coach’s Jacket. It’s a whopping $600 and is made with 100% genuine leather and features a satin lining. Something this expensive is actually somewhat unusual for The Hundreds to produce, so I was fairly surprised when I finally saw the price tag.

    Sponsor Coach’s Jacket / image courtesy of The Hundreds

    This drop went live on the 12/9/20 at 9PM PST on The Hundreds’ web store, and many of the items are surprisingly still available, but sizes are starting to become limited.

    What piece stands out to you the most? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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