Tetsuya Nomura on Kingdom Hearts’ Future

    Sometimes it is hard to be part of a fandom. Many pieces of moving visual media start off great but slowly, gradually, but oh so certainly, turn to garbage. You have your Sherlock, your Dr. Who, your Yamada-Kun, and the Seven Witches. And for each person in those fandoms, we must show pity, for what sadder fate is there to love, to hope, and to be ultimately be disappointed? Well, being a Kingdom Hearts fan I tell you!

    It is so hard, so difficult to be a fan of this series. And this is coming from someone who has played almost every game since the time they were 14. I’m talking about, Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, 358/2/ Birth By Sleep, Chain of Memories, Recoded, Re- Chain of Memories, and of course 3. And throughout all of those games, I have been fairly satisfied. Each one is different and offers a story I have usually found intriguing, give, or take some…questionable decisions. But the frustrations of me and much of the fan base lay in the future of the series.


    As stated in an interview with Dengeki Online to promote the series’ newest installment, Melody of Memory, series runner and creator Tetsuya Nomura has stated that he wishes to tie up loose ends in the modern Kingdom Hearts story in order to move on to something completely different. This has struck fans as absolutely confusing considering that KINGDOM HEARTS 3 SHOULD HAVE TIED UP ALL THOSE LOOSE ENDS. Instead, the long-awaited, and utterly disappointing (I said it!) third installment of the series made more questions than answers and essentially guarantees more games for the series.

    Although, I’d b a lying if I were to deny the charm of this scene.

    It’s just so difficult, to be chasing this high for so long and to constantly be jerked around. Closure! All we want is closure! And I’m not one of those people who says, “ugh, we’ve been waiting over a decade for Kingdom Hearts 3”, because that isn’t true. There has been a constant stream of Kingdom Hearts games over the last decade, a few of them that you could realistically call Kingdom Hearts 3 without much issue, (Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is literally Kingdom Hearts 3D) but by this point, we just want narrative conclusions. A feeling that this story is progressing. But the level of convolutedness and character misuse (looking at how poorly utilized Kairi is) is becoming an issue.

    This may pay off!?

    And the sad thing is, I am really excited for the future installments. The series nestled its way into my young teenage psyche and is now a staple. I will continue to follow it as I enjoy the characters, the music, and even the ridiculous lore. I just really want the series to have an idea of its end game because a lot of the meandering of 3’s storyline kept it from being a great game (except the Toy Story and Monster’s Inc worlds, those were sick.) Here’s to the future!

    Sources: Dengeki Online

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