NieR Re[in]carnation Delayed to First Half of 2021

    2B is hot. There. I said it. I realize that’s a controversial opinion, but it’s mine doggamnit. I’m just happy I finally have an excuse to get that terrible secret opinion off my chest. Another controversial opinion, I think that the NieR games are pretty good. Actually I think they are great… NieR got delayed.

    NieR has been out for three years? What do you mean by that? Didn’t you know that we were getting a new NieR game? It’s a mobile game and everyone is leaving. Yes I realize that more than likely you are not overwhelmingly excited for a mobile exclusive NieR game, but just let me do my job okay? Mobile games have become more and more of a major player, so expect to be hearing about them from me. That’s not to say they’re a good deal, but they are a big deal.

    I’m going to save any plot synopsis of NieR for the end because A) It’s very complicated and dense, and B) I might just not even do it. It’s a lot and I don’t want this whole article to become me describing the plot of NieR, so I’m going to hold off for a bit.


    The game was planned for the usual phone thingies, iOS and Android, because those are the only two phones. It is currently being developed by one Applibot. They are a bit of a strange case. First off, I just don’t really like their name. But also Japanese to English translations can be a little weird so that’s whatever. Secondly, the only real information I can find on them is on their website. I do have to give them credit though because they put a lot of their info on there.

    New Waifu right here.

    From what I can find, Applibot is a subsidiary of CyberAgent Inc. Both are companies I have never heard of until now. One has no wikipedia article, the other has a controversies/criticism section larger than its description. I find the short description very strange, because CyberAgent seems to be a major Japanese company. It is considered one of the market leaders in gaming, up there with Sony and Tencent. 

    I suppose none of this is terribly relevant. In truth it’s a lot of excuses for why I couldn’t find more information. I suppose I can talk a bit more about the developer Applibot. They’ve put out a few games I’ve never heard of such as BLADE XLORD, and SEVEN’s CODE. The titles are supposed to be all caps. 

    They were also the developer for a game called “Legend of the Cryptids” which seems to have a modest following. Or at least enough to warrant a wiki. The wiki is on fandom though, so take that fact with a grain of salt. Applibot doesn’t actually mention that game on their website though, which I find a bit strange.

    Let’s talk more about the people behind the game shall we? Yoko Taro, my favorite, is acting as creative director. Keiichi Okabe is in charge of the music. He also did some of the music for NieR Automata, so I look forward to another fantastic soundtrack.

    Now here is something that I am very excited about. The character concepts are being done by Akihiko Yoshida. Or so I’ve heard. I’ve also heard that character designs are being done by CyDesingation, a subsidiary of Cygame, who are in turn a subsidiary of CyberAgent. They seem to keep popping up in this article. 


    I don’t actually know who is doing the character concepts, but a lot of sources are pointing to Akihiko Yoshida. Which I really hope is correct because the man is a beast. He did 2B’s design, He’s worked on a ton of the Final Fantasy games. He’s working on the remaster of the OG NieR and- oh boy. I just saw some of the concept art for this game. It’s good. It’s really really good. Also, uh, I think the “Hunter with Prosthetics” is pretty. Also also, I really like robot parts so…

    Her tattoo is very pretty. Also she is very pretty. Damnit why do people draw attractive characters.

    Okay let’s get back on topic. I’ve seen parts of this game and it looks gorgeous, but I do have my issues. Specifically that it is evidently going to be a gacha game. Now as you probably know by now, I really do not like gachas. It’s a personal preference, but one I feel strongly about. I’m not saying whether or not to download it when it eventually comes out, I just want to give you a heads up if you are like me.

    I suppose I should actually talk a bit about the delays. We don’t really know much. That’s how these things seem to go. It’s been delayed to the first half of 2021. I don’t like it when companies do that by the way. When you say “first half of 2021” you really just mean the end of the second quarter. No company is announcing “Oh it’s coming out in the first half! Be ready!” and then releases the damn game in January. You mean that it’s coming out in June. Just say that.

    I must admit, they are making mobile games look fantastic these days.

    Right, other news is that the NieR Replicant remaster is coming out April 22 for Japan and April 23 for not Japan. So we do have a date on that one. I think that’s about it really. Oh right, I was supposed to talk about the plot of these games. Oh god. 


    Uhh, okay let’s try it out then. There’s robots, and you play as a robot, but you are one of the good robots. The other robots are bad. But are they bad? Also humans are living on the moon until they aren’t or something. NieR Automata has 26 endings ahaha have fun with that. It’s crazy and good and you should play it.

    Okay, summary time. The NieR mobile game is coming out in the “first half” of 2021. The NieR Replicant remaster should be coming out on April 23 depending on your location. Oh, 2B is very attractive.

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