More Pride of Orange Announcements

    Last week I wrote an article about Pride of Orange that said that the official cast and staff for the anime would be announced this Friday in a live YouTube event. This is still true and the link to the event is here if you’re interested in it.

    Additionally, the official website for Pride of Orange revealed their first promotional video, the main cast, staff, and an October premiere date on Friday. The promotional video, which introduces the main characters in Pride of Orange, is also available on YouTube.

    The main cast is for the anime is as follows: Riku Masuda as Manaka Mizusawa, Mayu Sagara as Ayaka Mizusawa, Satomi Hongo as Yu Kiyose, Saika Kitamori as Riko Saginuma, Asuka Shiori as Naomi Takagi, Yurika Moriyama as Kaoruko Yanagida and Yoshino Aoyama as Mami Ono

    As far as the staff for Pride of Orange is concerned, Takebumi Anzai is directing the series. Hiroshi Tōjō will be the executive producer along with Masaya Ochiai. Hiroyuki Tanaka and Kōichi Murakami will be general producers for the series and, Takashi Murakami will be a regular producer for the series along with Hiroshi Takita.


    Additionally, Kii Tanaka, who is also working on So I’m a Spider, So What, is designing the characters for Pride of Orange. Kazumasa Hayasaka will be the animation producer and Ryōsuke Yamada will be supervising the animation production.

    The Gang’s All Here!

    Touko Machida is in charge of series composition, and H.C. Tochigi Nikkō Ice Bucks is in charge of doing research on Ice Hockey for the series. MONACA and Yōhei Kisara are composing the music and Akiko Fujita will be the sound director, so hopefully we get a great soundtrack.

    CAAnimation and DMM Game previously said that DMM Games would develop the corresponding video game for the Pride of Orange anime. Not much about the video games progress except that CAAnimation held auditions for voice actors for the video game.


    Pride of Orange is set to debut in October 2021.

    Sources: official Pride of Orange website, official Pride of Orange youtube channel, Anime News Network encyclopedia (for important people mentioned in the article)

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