Final Fantasy 14’s 5.4 Patch Adds a Wealth of New Content and Features

    This week, Square-Enix released the newest major update for its critically-acclaimed MMORPG. Patch 5.4 continues Final Fantasy XIV‘s main storyline, and brings to the game a myriad of features and quality-of-life improvements. Read on to find out what you can look forward to as you log back into Eorzea!

    They’ve grown so much…(sniffle) / Final Fantasy XIV, Square-Enix

    Story Content

    Players who’ve been following FFXIV‘s main scenario quests — considered one of the best storylines in the Final Fantasy franchise — can now find out what happens after the satisfying conclusion to Patch 5.3’s story. With new enemies on the horizon and chaos threatening the Garlean Empire, the Warrior of Light must take up arms once again.

    5.4 presents ten new main scenario quests, the first of which can be picked up from the NPC Krile in The Rising Stones. Naturally, the initiating quest won’t be available if you haven’t finished 5.3’s “Reflections in Crystal.”

    Something’s happening in Garlemald, and we must find out what! / Final Fantasy XIV, Square-Enix

    Players also get to continue optional story content, including the Ruby Weapon and YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse (for you NieR:Automata fans) questlines, along with the hardcore Eden raids. In fact, the recent official trailer and patch poster incorporate a lot of Eden-related hype — with their emphasis on Gaia and Ryne, both of whom play a big part in the raids and who can be expected to continue their detailed character development in this patch.

    Official trailer / Final Fantasy XIV, Square-Enix

    Patch 5.4 also adds new chapters for New Game+, meaning backtrackers and nostalgia addicts can relive even more quests that they’ve already completed. Added chapters of note include Part 3 of Shadowbringers and Tank, DPS, and Healer role quests. Similarly, the dungeon Explorer Mode allows parties of up to four players to jump into a completed dungeon just to “enjoy the scenery…with no enemies or obstacles to ruin their fun.”

    Gameplay Content

    For those of you who look forward to praying to the RNG gods, Square-Enix has updated endgame Treasure Hunts by adding a new map called “The Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah.” Now, Zonureskin Maps have a chance of opening portals to that dungeon, where groups of players can spin a giant roulette to determine the bosses they get to fight — and the shiny treasures they can loot on vanquishing each boss.

    Landing on any of the purple circles would suck / Final Fantasy XIV, Square-Enix

    Housing lovers get new furnishing items, including some designs that won the Furnishing Design Contests of 2017 and 2019. In addition, new orchestrion rolls (which allow house, apartment, and room owners with orchestrions to play in-game music in their homes) have been added. Square-Enix also dropped new aquarium fish for players who prefer their fish alive and swimming.

    Though one wonders if this poor shark suffers from a lack of swimming space / Final Fantasy XIV, Square-Enix

    Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida made a point of talking ten-plus minutes about 5.4’s Triple Triad updates during his most recent Letter from the Producer, and his dedication to the fun card game shows; Triple Triad now features revamped time restrictions and deck-building/card listing, and has new tournaments where even more MGP and prizes can be won.

    But wait, there’s more! A Splatoon-esque emote has arrived; on obtaining it, players can splurge the ground under them with various colors. And, while perhaps the aforementioned action might not be the best for serious roleplaying, the new idle stances — accessible via the /changepose emote — certainly are. Now, you can give your character a surly demeanor as you have them stand with one or both of their hands on their hips. Furthermore, you can even play the violin! Perfect for serenading your team when the raid goes sideways.

    With all this instrument variety, you can form a band! / Image courtesy of 류와이 on Youtube

    Other Features and Improvements

    For more roleplaying variety, Patch 5.4 brings new gear, including those craft-able and those obtainable via the new content. The gear can also upgrade your character’s combat capabilities as a good number of them feature higher iLevels.

    The Monk job has received a lot of changes. Most notably, Monks won’t have to worry about their Greased Lightning stacks falling off like a sad toupee every time the tank takes time pulling mobs; instead, Greased Lightning has become a trait that simply scales up depending on a Monk’s level. To adjust the rest of the Monk to this change, Square-Enix modified the job’s kit — like changing attack potencies and making Tornado Kick a cooldown-related ability.

    Thanks to all of the above and more, the FFXIV community now has a smorgasbord of fun (and salt, if you’re a hardcore player) to enjoy during the coming weeks and months. This article has only been a cursory glance at some of 5.4, so head on over to the official patch notes’ website to get your fill of hype and info. Or, just login and play!

    Sources: Official Final Fantasy XIV website and Youtube channel

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