Tokyo Anime Award Festival Achievement Award Recipients

    Toshi Suzuki, Momoko Sakura, Yoshiyuki Tomino, Takao Koyama, Toshitsugu Saida, Takeshi Seyama, Kayo Ishu, Michio Hazama have all been selected to receive the 2021 Tokyo Anime Award Festival Achievement Award. These awards are commonly given to those who have been considered to have contributed greatly to the field of animation. These individuals are revered for taking the not always acclaimed field of animation to the next stage, elevating it to the next phase not for recognition, but for the sole purpose of contributing to a craft that has influenced so many.

    Worked on by Tekashi Seyama

    Those who qualify for this award range heavily. Momoko Sakura for example is a mangaka for Chibi Maruko Chan, a Shojo manga that follows the day-to-day life of young Momoko Sakura and her family in their suburban Japanese neighborhood in the year 1974. Contrast this with Tekashi Seyama, who was a film editor for Akira, the 1988 film that revolutionized the animation industry forever and made every teenager desperately want a giant pill on the back of their jackets. Other notable achievements of the awardees are, singers, directors, writers voice actors and animators. There work is comprehensive and will forever leave their impact.

    Chibi Maruko Chan

    The Tokyo Anime Anime Awards began in 2002 but was not given its official name until 2005. While originally held as a part of the Tokyo International Anime Fair until 2013, the Tokyo Anime Awards Festival is now its own separate festival, which has, to no surprise, been postponed as a result of the current state of biological affairs in the world.

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