Disney Announces Star Wars Anime

    During the Walt Disney Investor’s Day livestreamed presentation, Disney announced a brand new series of animated shorts coming our way in 2021. The project is called Star Wars: Visions, and it is reportedly being created by the “world’s best Japanese anime creators.”

    Aside from the vague release year information, the note about actual anime creators being involved, and the featured image, no further information on this project has been released.

    Hello?!? Where did this come from? If there’s one thing that get’s my juices flowing as much as anime, I must admit that it is Star Wars. Never at any point did I stop to consider the possibility of these two worlds gloriously colliding in such a fashion, and this project has suddenly catapulted itself to the top of the list of my most highly anticipated releases for next year.


    The first thing that came to mind when imagining this was the 2003 series, Star Wars: Clone Wars. No, not the movie or the CGI animated series of a similar name, but the animated series created by Genndy Tartakovsky, the genius, multitalented creator behind titles such as Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Laboratory, and Primal among many others. To this day, this series contains some of the most stunning sequences ever created in the Star Wars universe. Don’t believe me? Watch this Mace Windu scene.

    This is what happens when you give a talented animator the keys to your world and say, “Have fun.”

    Now…imagine if Studio Trigger got their hands on Star Wars. Or Naotoshi Shida? He’s already worked on Halo and Marvel titles, so perhaps his foray into Western IP’s continues. Or Tetsuya Takeuchi? Or Yutaka Nakamura? This list of potential matches made in heaven is staggering, and I’m salivating. We don’t technically know to what degree the “world’s best Japanese anime creators” will be working on Visions, but one can only hope they’ll have full creative control.

    What animators or studios would you want to see dive into the Star Wars universe? Let us know down below!

    Source: Star Wars official Twitter account

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