Persona 5 Strikers Western Release Announced (Trailer)

    Haha! Once again I am able to sneak in video game content through the guise of anime! This time, we’re talking Persona 5. Although to be fair the Persona series is usually compared to JoJo, which is accurate. But whatever! It doesn’t matter that there is a Persona 5 anime (streaming now on Crunchyroll and Hulu). What matters is that I once again am able to derail this website onto the topic of video games.

    What’s that? We had another article about video games that was posted here literally yesterday? Also the author wasn’t a pretentious dick about it, unlike myself? (By the way, check out that article. It’s very good, and manages to point out my issues with gacha games in a concise and humorous way. 10/10)

    Let’s drop into a quick lesson on Persona 5. To start with, Persona 5 is the 31st game in the Megami Tensei series, and the 6th game in the Persona sub series. If you are confused, hold onto that feeling, the whole series feels like that. I suppose that I should briefly start with the Megami Tensei series before I drop into Persona.


    The first game I played in this series was Shin Megami Tensei. The best way I can describe it is Pokémon or Digimon but with demons that you fuse together. Actually, no, the best way I can describe it is to tell you about my first time playing it. I was playing as a boy character who was stuck in a secret underground research facility with his dog. I had a computer that let me talk to demons, because demons had been released by an evil scientist. I made a pact with a couple of demons, and when I couldn’t beat the first boss, I fused my pet dog and a demon together to create a horrific monstrosity, a blasphemy against God and his pathetic excuse for creation. I then went on to kill a giant penis demon.

    Am- Am I allowed to show this? Is this okay to post online?

    It’s a good game series with some fantastic art. But none of this tells you anything about the Persona series. Except it does. Persona is actually based in part off of Shin Megami Tensei If… which was just another Shin Megami Tensi game, except it took place in a high school. Turns out people really liked that. As a result, Persona was born, a series in the same universe (or one very close by) that follows the lives of high school kids and their adventures. Oh and also they have magic powers called personas.

    Okay so this summary is taking longer that I figured it would. Luckily personas (the power) are easy to explain. You know JoJo? You know stands? Yeah. For those of you out of the loop, watch JoJo. Fine I’ll give an actual definition. It’s a physical manifestation of your subconscious. You punch things with it. Watch JoJo.

    Bork Bork Edward, I was once your best friend, now I’m sin incarnate. (Yes this is the dog I mentioned)

    Okay so now you know the basics. Persona 5 is the most recent in the series. And as mentioned in the title it has a spin off game titled Persona 5 Strikers. Now, the game does continue the plot of the original game but it is not a sequel. I don’t even know what they would call it if it was. Rather, it is a game set in the Persona 5 universe but mechanically is more similar to the Dynasty Warriors series.


    Dynasty Warriors is a game series where there’s about two hundred enemies on the screen at one time and you rip through them all like a tornado through that barn your uncle promised he could build in only three days. It also is somewhat famous for having about a hundred crossover games with various IPs such as Zelda, Berserk, Gundam, and now Persona 5.

    The game is slated for its western release on February 23rd. This was mentioned in its announcement trailer, see below. Also mentioned in the announcement trailer is the fact it will be available on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and, surprisingly enough, Steam. Honestly that’s what I’m most excited about. After Persona 4’s release on steam and this coming next, it honestly feels like more console exclusive Japanese games are finally making it to a PC market. Which is great for me.

    I’m sure you want the plot of this new game. Let me see. Hmm. Ah! Yes! Who cares! Yes indeed, Dynasty Warriors games are not known for their plot, they are known for beating the hell out of stuff. The only exception to this rule is the Berserk game but it was literally just Berserk. That’s not an original plot, that’s plagiarism.

    Usual summary: Release date of new Persona/Dynasty Warriors Crossover is February 23, 2021 barring delays. The game will be available on Steam, PS4, and Switch. Oh, also we have a new playable character in the game. Her name is Sophia. She has a yo-yo.

    In case you were wondering, I am totally going to buy this. 

    1. Didn’t actually know about this game coming out but I’ve always been a fan of Dynasty Warriors so I’ll definitely give it a look. I really enjoy how you use anecdotes in your writing!

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