Gintama Movie Has Trailer Drop and Exclusive Demon Slayer Cards

    Hey everyone, it’s time for your regularly scheduled episode of James has never heard of that before. Up on the chopping block today is Gintama, and its upcoming film, Gintama The Final! Now with hand drawn illustrations! By the way, I think this is the first movie in a long while that I’ve written about that hasn’t been delayed. So already this has good marks towards it.

    Oh wow, actually, reading the description of the manga, I’m kind of upset that I am only just now hearing about this. It’s my favorite kind of shonen, the kind that makes fun of shonen. Also, it just sounds very bizarre, and I have a thing for the bizarre.

    So, are you familiar with Japan? Vaguely? Well it’s this kind of obscure country off the coast of China, the real big country that “owns” a bunch of other countries. Essentially Japan had this kinda lame thing called a samurai for a bit there, until gunpowder and that sort. This was around 1600-1800. It was called like the Edo or something like that. Now, are you familiar with that one show on the History Channel? The one called Ancient Aliens? Yeah? Well slam together Ancient Aliens and that whole Edo thing together and you have the plot of Gintama.


    I didn’t know how badly I wanted to read an aliens vs samurai comic until I heard of Gintama. Oh and for those of you who hate the whole reading thing, there is an anime. I’m sure that was implied by the anime movie, but I like to really bash my readers over the head with what I say. Sorry about that. I’m sure it’s not an enjoyable experience. 

    The fact this is one of the first image results when you google Gintama speaks volumes to me.

    Anyway, I’ll actually go over what the hell the title is all about as well as the “hand drawn illustrations” thing. Sorachi, the artist behind the Gintama manga, did some Demon Slayer illustrations, and copies of those are being given out to audience members. The illustrations are of Tanjiro and the Hashira. These are only being given out in the first week. Also, before you ask, I don’t know anything else. That’s all we’ve been told about the illustration cards. However, I can tell you that a new bonus is planned for audience members every week.

     And by the way, yes these are Japan exclusive. Because of course they are.


    Okay! More film information. The film is opening in theaters in Japan on January 8th. It’s being billed as “The finale, for real this time.” Which makes sense seeing how this is the third movie. After a 367 episode anime. And 6 OVA episodes. Also two live action films, but those don’t count. Thats a lot of content.

    You’re probably thinking, “Huh, I have approximately 149.858 hours to kill, assuming of course that every episode averages around 24.5 minutes to get through. Where can I find this?” Crunchyroll. How do you have so much free time?

    Moving on from your sickening dedication to anime, we also had a trailer drop, located below. It features both the theme song of the movie, “Wadachi”, by SPYAIR and the new insert song, “Doraku Shinjo”, by DOES. (Unrelated thought: Why do so many Japanese bands have the all-caps names? I feel like I see it a lot). Oh also there is a second insert song by DOES called “Breakdown”. 

    That’s pretty much it for news regarding this movie. I’ll add in that we have a novel being shipped January 8th and a net exclusive anime that premieres January 15th. Normally I’d add the production crew here, usually when they stand out to me, but it seems a pretty average affair to be honest. Everyone here worked on the original show and the movies, so we have a pretty big returning group. I like to hear that.

    Oh wait, hold up. The character designer and chief animation director, Shinji Takeuchi, has worked on Samurai Champloo, FMA, and Lupin III. Oh and Gundam of course. Oh damn he also worked on Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex as a key animator. Alright I’m into it. We also got Hajime Yatate, who does not exist. It’s just a name used by Studio Sunrise. Point being, they’re doing the story. Oh shit, actually they’re just doing the movie. How did this slip me by?

    Okay let’s sum up what we have here. First off, I am actually pretty excited for this movie having read its production crew. The movie premieres in Japan on January 8th, the same day the novel ships. A web anime comes out on January 15th. And if you see the movie that first week you get an exclusive illustration of Demon Slayer characters. If you miss that week, you’ll get something else.

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