Anime Milwaukee Cancels Physical Event for 2021

    Anime Milwaukee convention chair Timothy Huesmann announced on Saturday that Anime Milwaukee 2021 will not be taking place. The convention was originally supposed to take place in February 2021 over the span of three days, however, COVID has taken another event as a casualty.

    Huesmann released the announcement is on the AMKE official website and on Twitter.

    Huesmann said that it would be possible to host the convention in spring 2021, but it couldn’t be on the same scale, due to the current state of the pandemic.

    “Putting on a convention with at least 11,000 people only two months from now would not be an Anime Milwaukee that you all know and love,” Huesmann said. “While we could and would enforce a mask mandate, proper social distancing requirements alone would understandably prohibit us from putting on many events that we know you all enjoy.”

    Huesmann also said that if they held an in-person convention this year the staff would have to cap attendance, to limit the number of people in the Wisconson Center at one time.

    “That’s something we never want to do,”Huesmann said.

    Even though the physical convention is canceled and it’s sad to see, there are some silver linings. For one thing, Huesmann said that the AMKE staff is arranging interactive virtual events for the attendees. The virtual event doesn’t require a purchase to attend, so you can attend the convention, from home, for free. News about the virtual events will be coming out soon.

    Additionally, registration for Anime Milwaukee hasn’t started yet so there’s no need to worry about badges for 2021. If you do have a badge for the 2021 convention, that will roll over to 2022.


    Most importantly, there is hope for Anime Milwaukee 2022. In the announcement, Huesmann said that there will definitely be an in person event for 2022. Additionally he urged attendees to stay safe, continue to wear masks, and follow CDC guidelines so that Anime Milwaukee 2022 can see as many people as possible.

    “…we will be back in 2022 with a physical convention. We aren’t going anywhere. We love this community too much.” Huesmann said.

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