Selection Project gets Anime TV Adaptation

    Okay, so we have a new idol show. Which as it turns out, are hard to research in the states unless you know the right keywords. If not, then you just get American Idol showing up every google search which gets you nowhere. And honestly, this show already feels pretty obscure. The show is being produced by Kadokawa, who announced the show last Friday. This Friday? They announced it on December 4th 2020. It is estimated to be released in 2021. 

    So it’s around this point that things get confusing for me. The anime, titled Selection Project, is a part of an “Idol x Audition x Reality Show” multimedia project. So the anime is an adaptation of something called the “Selection Project” I guess? I’m really not sure. This whole thing is making me uncomfortable. I’ll try and save that for the end though. 

    The project was revealed back in December 2019. It focuses on the aforementioned “Selection Project,” which is different from the one they mentioned. I think. You know what, screw it. Let’s just focus on the anime. The anime stars nine girls who have made it through the qualifying rounds of the seventh annual “Selection Project.” The project is an idol reality show that is held every summer and acts as a way for girls who want to become idols to to “make their dreams come true” or something like that.


    I think the show primarily focuses on one girl, Suzune Miyama. She’s always sick for some reason so she spends a lot of time hanging out in a hospital room bored or sleeping or whatever. She hears an idol singing, it gives her hope or some shit, so she decides to join the competition because she wants to be like her “idol.”

    The Directors and other crew members have been revealed as well. We have Daisuke Hiramki directing, Yuya Yakahashi supervising and writing the scripts, Kanna Hirayama designing characters, and Yohei Kisara producing the music. Of those I’m only really familiar with Yuya Takahashi because he’s written a bunch of scripts of the Lupin III movies, which I adore.

    Over the course of writing this I have been trying to figure out what is making me feel so uncomfortable about this. So I did what I did in my Earwig/Studio Ghibli article. I went and got myself a cup of tea. Now this isn’t going to drag on as long as that article but some things have come to mind I want to talk about.

    I’ve made a couple of comparisons to American Idol at this point because the concept is pretty similar. So why does this make me uncomfortable when that doesn’t? Well first I have to start off by saying that I am still unsure what “Selection Project” is. Not the anime, the thing that’s based on. I don’t know if it’s real or not. Like is there an actual reality show called “Selection Project”? Is there going to be? I’m not sure, there’s not enough information out there.


    So let’s say that the show is real. Why does that make me uncomfortable? American Idol is practically the same thing but that’s fine. What’s wrong with this? I think maybe just the concepts of idols are weird to me. Idol has this weird connotation of worship and idolization (obviously) that comes with it. So that being applied to a person is strange to me. It feels like everything in this is forced to be all smiles and sunshine, forced to be, well, ideal. There is no room for imperfection.

    There’s also the issue with the culture around idols and that sort of thing. The fans are fine, the issue is more with the practices in the industry. There’s this weird fascination with youth and looks that seems a tad creepy to me. Is this going to be a singing competition or just a beauty pageant by another name? I don’t know. Maybe I’m just reading too much into this. Maybe this feels too much like an ARG or something. Maybe I think too much about the crusty fringe culture that surrounds anime, the one you know about but don’t like thinking about, and I worry how a reality tv show/ARG kind of thing will go with them. Maybe I just blame idol shows for us never getting any new Berserk chapters. Who knows.

    Oh right, summary. Uh, the “Selection Project” (also it just feels like a really sinister name) by Kadokawa is getting an anime adaptation called Selection Project. It’s slated for 2021 but not a specific time. That’s it really. I’m going to go do something to stop me from thinking too much on this.

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